BLN Court law and order punishments

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  1. STop







  2. Denied
    If that is your side, I would like to hear from kerk. *proceeds to thump kerk on his head to wake him from his daydream*
  3. But it’s fun...
  4. It is fun but stop , this is turning into a meme then it's going to be locked
  5. Yes sir
  6. Until then this document will be maintained meaning will not be used unless requested.
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    - This will be the Burstlinks ship laws.
    - Added "Rape towards any" a high class crime.
  8. Can death be a punishment yet?
  9. I mean killing in mass killings is a high class Crime
  10. Punishment. Not a crime.
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  11. I wonder why this was added
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  12. -Added to Lower class crimes
    " Harrassment of fellow troops 1x "
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    You should also add war crimes to this list and POW laws to it. In my opinion

    Frankly I'm quite tired of just seeing ARC troopers taking prisoners away then torturing them when you can do it nice and peacefully like we have JTAC and Jedi for a reason and plus in CW TV show no republic person tortured a prisoner. Well the Jedi did there stuff and Anakin tortured that guy in secret but that's not the point. so it kind of ruins my immersion when I see an ARC or RC or any clone except CG talking to a prisoner because most event charcters who get captured hates clones.

    And newer Jedi can test out there mind control thing and the JTAC officers or any naval person can do it with ease. and it kinda adds more to immersion in my opinion
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  14. I'll do it, but I need to meet up to make it right and official
  15. Me agree
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  16. In my defense, I don't do that anymore. The others are more violent than me
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  17. It's still a go
  18. I do agree though that other should be handling negotiations, Mustang has said it before, but we're not Swiss army knives
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  19. when was the last time we used any of this
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  20. When one of the Jedi got arrested by thorn and other times too

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