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  1. Interrogation isn't cg's only job. Also on your point earlier,people say cg abuses their power because literally the most active one,alba,would arrest anyone over anything even just for "shit and giggles"
  2. I aint been on at the same time as alba for a while yet in the time i have been on i aint seen that happen once
  3. Same
    I was also never told of Alba’s server warns until a month later (August) when the conversation of CG started in our steam chat. If someone had told me sooner I would have been able to talk to him
  4. Almost like I told you sooner.

    Anyways, interrogation isn't CG's only job like Xenu said. Prove you can handle arresting correctly and handling civilians and then people will trust you more with prisoners.
  5. You didn't though, Gary was the first person to tell me about a month later
  6. All I see is complaining about Alba, nothing about Alba being warned like I said
  7. @Lighthaven
    I believe if you want to make CG great or something along the lines of what you said,

    you should be friendly, just because you are the police or the law enforcement doesn't mean you have to be aggressive.

    Don't get me wrong you will still get called "abusive" or like some other mean word that I can't think of. But you have at least some allies.

    So to make CG a non dead battalion is to start small and just be friendly. A CT won't join CG because their troopers or CO/XO/ARC/Jedi/CT/nerds/iris are very strict and arrest without warning or stunstick people.

    Thats just my idea tbh/what i've done when i was CG at a time at a place

    (another topic)
    I also do agree CG shouldn't interrogate because of 1. they should be guarding the people who interrogate (something like that)

    Or 2. If they do interrogate it should be a non-violent one

    (like i don't want my police force beating a youngling or just anyone in general with a stunstick)
    I would want a police force to be friendly so i think "oh im under good hands! by these very cool people!"

    (ok im done)

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  8. Whenever Alba is on when I am on (super rare) he isn't as evil or corrupt as people (Zhidus) says he is. It just confuses me.
  9. I am currently training any random CG that comes on pretty much everything you said besides the interrogation guard part
  10. Prous of u pappy seag u deserved the pfc lul

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