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  1. Post your favourite BLN Screenshots.
    Be it funny, scenic, dumb, tragic, whatever you want.
  2. 20170817213452_1.jpg
    Probably my best looking event, back when i still had access to fog.
  3. 20170714221123_1.jpg
    The LAAT crash with the highest kill count i've seen to date.
  4. 20170311205811_1.jpg
    And my oldest screenshot i still have.
    Back when i was CT PVT and participated in one of the worst events i've seen so far on this server.
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  5. I have the same thing
  6. The good old days of DC
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  7. Looks like they're looking at the sky
  8. In their last moments, as their consciousness slowly fades away, they look towards the sky, their blood pouring onto the hot Geonosian sand.
    They dont quite know what "home" really is, but each one of them realises that they found it up there, in the borderless ocean of stars, in the vast galaxy, side by side with their brothers, fighting a war none of them choose, yet all of them lost.
    They all look up, one last desperate glimpse at that freedom that was so close and yet so far...

    lmao jk they ded lul
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  9. BLN Poetry award goes to....
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  10. [​IMG] ARC’s rainbow in a chair
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  11. Busted
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  12. Got 2 screenshots here

    When Wolfpack boomed with troops

    When we did Red VS Blue
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  13. You’ll never get me!

    *runs out of the room blaster in hand
  14. [​IMG]
    Rope art of Zuthar
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  15. Another Rope Art I made of Akeno, besr highschool dxd waifu
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  16. Oh boy do I have a few.

    This is my oldest BLN Screenshot, Training in the Jedi Temple on Kamino as an Initiate!

    Some Minge that can't even spell in Debrief

    This is when I first opened my "Jedi Temple Raid Sim" To the public! (I really need to do more of these because god damn these used to be so much fun)

    And lastly this is just the typical roasting going on in Admin Chat.
  17. Well, you cant deny what Smithy said.
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