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  1. @Crusty Hey what's up it's Billy Herrington
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  2. 212th rape?
    This is fucken homo , time to get the peligrinos
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  3. [​IMG]
    I happened to force leap during one of the slo-mo fights during that Temple Raid event. Exciting stuff.
    That one lore event underwater. That shit was fun.
    Knighting of Kandossi. Don't care about the knighting part, just the image was cool. (Shit looks like a gay pride meeting smh)

    Jesus as I look through this shit you realize you've gone through a lot with the people on the server. Thanks for the memories my boys, more memorable shit is bound to happen in the future too.
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  4. Moments before the big clash:
    ALSO LOOK PROOF WE USED TO USE 42 LENGTH, people also don't believe me that saberstaffs' old rule was 28 length, gotta find proof of that too lmao
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  5. you have the best pics imo
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  6. First time we ever got saber parts:[​IMG]
    We fight some Revanites, get fucked up later on. I think only Canis and Resh survived lmao:[​IMG]
    First event ever on BLN, some fucking lowly DC, getting yelled at by ARC and Jace lol:[​IMG]
  7. I always forget to take screenshots, cause you look back at this shit months from now and remember all the good things. Going to start taking more.
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  8. yes
  10. Mark 2 and 1 is available to any Ems that want to save my other 2 dupes
  11. Soma's Seabear / Medcorp circle

    Normal day in the medbay

    The many poses Shay makes when dead
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  12. I do try to look my best even in Death.
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  13. oh shit i remember this,the dead jugg is me
  14. WUAHHH
  15. rp_venator_bln0025.jpg
    Artus preparing to roll out.
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  16. rp_venator_bln0006.jpg
    Used the resizer tool to make one of those Acclamator props into something that actually looks kind of impressive.
    The LAAT can actually land inside of the hangar.
    Sadly it has like a 50/50 chance to crash the server.
  17. rp_venator_bln0014.jpg rp_venator_bln0015.jpg
    Surprisingly they all survived.
  18. rp_dust_v3a_final0000.jpg
    Bantha Tamer Crusty, riding his trusty "Acabantha".
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