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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Markus, Nov 15, 2020.

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  1. Guys... I don't think they're joking around anymore. Spring might be serious too far man.....
  2. this shit is actually the fucking making of joker my man is going off the deep end over an internet troll

    you lose respect from those same people that don't respect me everytime you respond buddy so keep at it
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  3. This thread keeps getting worse and worse

    @Bester @Resh at what point does this cancer go too far to the point of locking/purging
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  4. @Zhidus @Spring stop being cringe and baiting eachother on god wtf. i swear this shit makes u hard or something zhidus you got a fascination with it. just go do something more productive lmao. spring stop getting baited by them its obviously working and giving zhizhi more ammunition. just leave it

    this is how i feel about both you clowns rn
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  5. dude... don't waste your time with these.. "people". @Spring
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  6. Ok :)
  7. Some people are just built different
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  8. @DankLor I don't like you at all. You're literally the only person I despise because of how much of a dickhead you are. It also shows how salty you are from a meme and joke LMAO. I don't have anything to lose and I rarely focus on twitch streaming so what u say means ABSOLUTELY JACK SHIT HAHAHAHAHAH

    What's funny too is that I'm not the only person who despises and dislikes you because you're an asshole so I'm glad ur gone and on the forums now trying to act like people care about the words you say. If you leave, leave. No one respects you.

    You're the type of person to bully people with no remorse and your friends can totally see you're in the right, but you don't have alot of friends do you? :)
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  9. I'll just nip this in the bud before it gets too t o x i c please deal with your issues in a private conversation.
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  10. Idk what to reply with so i'll leave this here but why cant we all just be friends here man cmon ya'll just make erp not war
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