BoardBoy's new ban Appeal :) But this time a few months later!

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by kayboard, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. But I mean he does deserve to get unbanned, I’ve never been against it, just he needs to understand that if he makes a request to get banned, it’s going to happen
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  2. Nono, don’t think I don’t understand where you guys are coming from, since I totally understand what you guys are saying he’s a dumb motherfucker for askin for a ban XD
    but I think 10 months is a little long. I’m sure he gets the message, but you gotta respect the mans dedication still tryna get back in after this long
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  3. Do I unban this vocaloid lover
  4. I vote yes
  5. I vote yenos
  6. This is like his fifth ban appeal lmao
  7. there's no reason not to
  8. if you don't unban him I'll literally lick your kneecaps clean kiddo
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  9. Is this boi still banned?
  10. hoped he forgot about this post tbh
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  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  12. If you don't unban him this gonna turn into a trivia fact 3 years down the line where Resh states that Kayboard has been in the process of trying to get unbanned for almost 4 years. Unban this guy I don't want a brexit like situation, even as a newer person to the server.
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  13. Imagine caring about others
  14. free my nigga kayboard
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  15. Thanks?
  16. Lol nobodys a leader, y'all meme about and follow what the 1st person say in a post until someone intellectual like Zach steps in.
  17. You haven’t posted a single serious thing on here in like a year so I’m taking that as a shitpost
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  18. Imagine acting better than everyone on a ban appeal just because you don't like them having fun on the forums.
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