BoardBoy's new ban Appeal :) But this time a few months later!

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by kayboard, Nov 18, 2019.

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  1. wow it's like
    people can
    change their opinion based on what other people say? woah
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  2. Not that I’m in any position to say this, but maybe we shouldn’t shit post over a ban appeal for a guy who’s been trying to get unbanned for a long ass time
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  4. But I'm a leader :(
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  5. It's a reference to a CGP gray video where he states that it'll be a trivia fact that Britain has been in the process of leaving the European Union for 5 years. (Or something like that)
  6. idk man he did some pretty bad stuff
  7. Why he still banned
  8. This guy was banned because I think he asked to be banned or something no real reason to keep him banned if he wants back. So. I'll say you're unbanned. Contact me on discord with your IP and SteamID. My discord is Bester#4118.
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  9. The journey ends
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