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Discussion in 'Battalion Roster/Information' started by Bubbs, May 30, 2020.

  1. EDIT: SwitchBack is now on LOA

    Terra added to ARC Trainees!
  2. EDIT: Flint added to ARC Trainees!

    Civix is on LOA

    62 (Lance) is off LOA
  3. EDIT: Foxx added to Bravo ARC Troopers! (Keeli)

    Terra removed from ARC Trainees
  4. VERY, VERY OVERDUE EDIT: SwitchBack removed from 2iC and demoted to SGT

    62 promoted to SGT

    Civix removed from Alpha ARC Troopers

    Tragic has been reinstated to Alpha ARC Troopers

    Merit, Coal and Foxx removed from Bravo ARC Troopers

    Golden is now Ghost in Bravo ARC Troopers

    Flint removed from ARC Trainees

    Hours added to ARC Trainees

    Due to the latest Bravos going inactive almost immediately, COs will no longer have "full custody" over Bravo ARCs. I'll be watching their activity from now on and demoting/removing them if needed. If the CO wants to promote a Bravo ARC, they'll have to check with me first.
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  5. EDIT: Updated various activity and ranks (ty Alphas for being so active, i'm very proud of our recent comeback)

    Hours added to Alpha ARC Troopers! (He has yet to choose a name)

    Hammer added to ARC Trainees! (He's going for 212th Bravo)
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  6. EDIT: SwitchBack removed from Alpha ARC Troopers

    Also updated some troops' activity
  7. EDIT: Spring has returned to Alpha ARC Troopers!

    Zhou and Rook (AKA Cheese) added to ARC Trainees! Let's see how they do

    Updated activity for some peeps as well
  8. EDIT: Hammer removed from ARC Trainees

    62 promoted to SSGT a while ago

    Rook is now Cheese again

    Updated some peoples' activity as well

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