Can we bring back the wall of fallen heros?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Victoriam, Dec 5, 2017.


bring back?

  1. no

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  2. yes

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  3. YA YEET

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  1. do you even remember the names
    cuz if not then idk
  2. Darth Plagueis
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  3. Or,you know,people can just make their own walls of faggots in their bunks. And tbh I only remember janitor 99 and 212th Dreadnought which wasn't even on the wall.
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  4. major zombie idk
  5. Hahaha
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  6. What Xenu said, if you want one I agree its best to just have one in your battalions bunks. We have a wall of most of our members in ARC bunks that has whether they were MIA, KIA or Active
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