Chan Beifong

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    Name: Chan Beifong
    Age: 20's maybe
    Former Occupation: Aircraft Technician and Military Sapper unit


    The apocalypse drove Chan mentally unstable, to the point where he began speaking in the third person and acting on irrational thoughts. During his time as a military sapper, Chan learned many practical field engineering skills such as Mine defusing, Bomb Defusal, Advanced electronics training and several different survival techniques. Eventually, after roaming for days shouting things that didn't make sense, he ran into the resistance where he was quickly recruited for knowledge of obscure yet helpful things.

    Traits and Other
    Tendency to horde materials he finds in the field, and lure people into owing him favors.

    Stupidly Condident

    Physical Description
    Medium Build, very agile, black eyes, not very strong

    Carries an original 1983 Chinese Type 80 Machine gun, Chan treasures this weapon greatly. On the barrel, the phrase " "为人民服务" is scratched on.

    Chan separated from the resistance after helping them to return to China, where he began repairs on a modified Changzheng 5 rocket with a team of remaining airforce technicians.
  2. fucking kidnapping me
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  3. when did I kidnap you?
  4. you held me hostage and tried to make me give you my gun when i got stuck in a HOLE
  5. Of course I did, it would have been a wasted opportunity
  6. you called me a DELL LAPTOP you meanie
  7. i have your heavy rifle nerd
  8. im coming for you chan chong
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  9. fuck him up aaa
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  11. no one can scam the great chan
  12. Thought this was just a shitpost but that sounds about right.
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  13. Decent character, I just didn't know the resistance would recruit a mentally unstable fucker.

    Overall decent character man.
  14. The resistance is kinda piss poor
    They'll take any help they can get
  15. e v e n t h e he l p o f g e n e r o u s c h a n
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  16. didn't you try to steal all of one of the apc's loot?
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  17. i gave most of it away but no one grabbed it, there was only 3 shot burst fire rifles
  18. Fucking asians

    S M H
  19. Piss poor? Then its a poor militia- not even militia, a group of poor bastards who secured weapons and are playing Imaginary Military
  20. They are live action roleplaying smh

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