Clone Assassin Roster (Last updated 11/15)

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  1. no come back to me smh
  2. 6/21 Update:
    Recruited 5647 Raider to Clone Assassins.
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  3. I'll get on when lumi and subaru come back
  4. wtf
  5. nvm you can stay we dont need lumi
  6. 6/21
    Recruited Vulkan
    Will edit this when I get his clone numbers
  7. 6/23 Update:
    Made Estarossa a full CA. Welcome aboard, friend. Fix your fucking salutes lmfao
  8. 6/25 Update:
    -2113 Vulkan was transferred out from CA.
    -1273 PVT Estarossa was KIA. 1273 Escanor took his place before being KIA as well. 1478 Meliodas is now transferred to the Burst Link's Clone Assassins.
    -1503 Shots has been promoted to PFC.

    -8086 Skada has been made as a full CA.
    -3232 Connor has been dropped from CA for inactivity.
  9. I am now a Private First Class, along with a few others I believe
    Also, Meliodas is no longer in CA
  10. Made a number of updates.
    Cowboy was promoted to PFC.
    Bloodshot has been full CA for some time, and is now PFC.
    Skada has been promoted to PFC.
    Moros has been promoted to SPC.
    Kal has resigned from XO.
    Estarossa is KIA, and has been placed on the hall of fame. Melodias took his place, but was transferred. (Left for Jedi)
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Made a large handful of updates.
    I keep most of my CA info shit in a google doc so I can make edits and changes faster tbh
  13. I personally think Hector is getting close, and with time, will surpass Genji, and run the Battalion in his own unique way.
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  14. Imma be real
    I had veeeery low expectations of hector
    Like almost as bad expectations I had than buck and gary when I heard two mic-less sexy idiots would be leading battalions, but just like those two thangs, Hector has by far proved me and hopefully many others wrong, especially when Jek was sayin how hard and impossible it was for CA to be big and jesus hector outdid himself
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  15. Updated. Here's some notable things
    Rookies Dylan, Spectre, Nim, and Vigil have been removed for inactivity.
    Wilkes has been removed for inactivity.
    Kal is now CPL
  16. updates
    Sinbad is now CA's Jedi General
    Cowboy is CPL now
    not holding inactivity against CA for the time being since many have been hit hard with college (including myself goddamn)
    Recruited Fishy, Crow, and Anbu to CA.
  17. I'm not on LOA anymore.
  18. Niceu ceaser-chan
  19. long needed updates, but here's some details.
    -removed some people that left CA
    -Added Bravo ARC Silver. One slot is still open.
    -Promoted Sonic to LCPL.
    -Promoted Skada to SPC.
    -Promoted Frag to PFC.
    -Recruited Storm to CA. He's proved his worth, and earned PVT.

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