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  1. Yo i just read this now like sabers snipers jetpacks guns wat
    look man jetpacks dont even corrolate with sabers i mean if the jetpacks sent you flying forward than maybe i guess but that shit makes you elevate higher so theres no corrolation with the saber
    please change this to something else mang
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  2. The only other thing I can think of is some kind of heavy trooper. With a machine gun or something along those lines instead of the sniper
  3. Nothing screams assassin quite like a heavily armed soldier with a machine gun.
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  4. I have a serious question: Do you even know what CA is ?
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  5. We usually don’t do much assassin stuff anyways
    yes I do they were used for ome game and a book. One where they were fighting Jedi and one where they were hunting down a ARC trooper. In one of those we were using our sabers. And the other one where we were just using blasters
  6. 82C37D0F-E137-480D-A1B6-42D3B6C9A15A.jpeg 0100BB65-74E6-4339-97D3-A5504F46475A.png Just do these
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    Gonna be real with yall
    Saying jetpacks isn't "their job" makes no sense
    Jetpacks are a mean to do the job (assassinate), not the job itself. In my opinion jetpacks are just like prowler claws, it holds a different method to assassinate, a different skillset. Jetpacks and claws are equal to one another in the context of being a mean to an end.

    This is just like jetpack medics
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  8. Just make hecc make it
  9. I was even arpart of pararescue and i gotta say, we were fucking useless, all we did was use jet pack high in the air, shoot, go back down to heal, and repeat. All i can think of its use helps is when someone gets stuck in a hole.
  10. Clone Assassins aren't specifically a "Saber" based battalion anyways. A lot of our men prefer marksmanship to close combat fighting, the saber is more of a utility to us. Not every Clone Assassin would be qualified or even make it into the sub to begin with, so they wouldnt be stealing the "Job" from anyone. Our job is to find and terminate high-value targets or other covert operations as needed. Flexibility and Effectiveness are what we want out of CA and I see no reason why CA Jet Troopers would not fit that description.
  11. Pararescue actually makes sense because the jetpack is used for them to help people even in normally innaccessible areas. There's a NEED for them to have jetpacks because otherwises it would make the operation much more difficult.
    CAs dont NEED jetpacks. Sure it holds a different method to assassinate, but do CAs really need it ? No, they don't. Sabers are already strong enough, they have sniper rifles, why would they also need jetpacks ? If we're going about your way of thinking, then anyone could have jetpacks, except that that's not how it works

    LITERALLY the only reason clone assassins exists is to take on saber users. If you prefer marksmanship over close combat, then you just shouldn't have joined CA in the first place.
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  12. You don't appear to understand what CA even does on the server, so please stop repeating yourself.
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  13. You can say that about 90% of subbats, there isnt a direct need to fill. This is about the means to carry out your role. It really shouldn't matter at all as long as it gets the job done.
  14. The thing is dog, no one in my time with pararescue when mercy was in charge of medcore and spring got banned. The only ppl who got in them areas were jedi.
  15. Another thing about it, CG don't need dogs, coming from a person who was a dog. Hell yea they are fun af to be, but all you do is follow one guy and bark, then attack.
  16. Think about it this way all a rogue Jedi has to do is jump up to a high place and CA wouldn’t be able to get to them and odds are won’t be able to shoot them either. Then a jetpack gives us a good way of getting up there and being able to keep the fight going. There not just one use for it either. It’s not like every CA would be in the Sub it would only be 3-4 max getting in.
  17. I'm just gonna drop this here cause this is getting way too fucking stupid for me, i'm not fighting over this shit, Resh already gave you his word on this so yeah

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  18. Yea that is one reason, then why tf do we have guns if we cant have them, and we arnt gunna do a order 66 soon
  19. Rocket launcher? Blowing up targets isn't their job.
    Machine gun? Frontline suppression isn't their job.
    Dogs? Assassin dogs when
    CA Juggs? Frontline armor isn't their job.
    CA Engineer? Repair and defusal isn't their job.
    A vertical movement device? Wait, that's a job? Sounds like a tool to enhance their job, not something to carry out the job.
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