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  1. Thats the same concept as making a model for johnson if he was in a LOA
    Waste of time
    Which I did.
    He made a LOA to me, I didn't do the model because hes in LOA, and now he quit, saved time for me and flux, and saved a few bucks too if I had flux do it.
  2. You dont realise I have a WHOLE battalion that is active and is waiting for the sub battalion, SO what if the leader fucking quits. That's fucked, He bought it for the BATTALION. I can REPLACE HIM if needed. Just put it in we can find a new leader for it.
  3. HE bought it, not you. Meaning if HE left, HIS SUBBATTALION wouldn't have been coded
    Not yours.
  4. Anyways his LOA ends today, He was talking to me earlier today about getting on. So that should incentive enough to add it.
  5. Mm he talked to me already
  6. loser tbh
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  7. So thats how its gunna be huh?
    See you next event....
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  8. This is like the 5th person you've done this "See you next event" thing to lol.
  9. Funny. I literally have started my computer twice since I said that. Once to email plans to a customer and I played last night. So if I take a while to do something ts not because I neglected it ts because I have literally been so busy ts ridiculous. So take your shit somewhere else.
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  10. I mean, It was a joke, Some I guess can't take that, Mhm, Never said you neglected it, Just said it was nine day's ago and I wondered when We'll have ours up :)
  11. Oh yea because he's supposed to take it as a joke through text after being stressed with work for over 2 weeks

  12. I mean, If I were being serious I would be typing some paragraph's on how the delec-on how or why our's werent up and s uch
  13. Yall need to chill
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  14. How about we take the arguing and bullshit and PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE?!?!?!

  17. D E N I E D

    Also, reference has been ignored.
  18. Reference?

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