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  1. In-Game Name: Padawan Clovher

    Steam name: Gorgoesmax

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:177754479

    Age: 15

    Timezone: PST ( I live in Cali)

    Why do you want to apply? (100 words minimum): I want to help BLN as a Game Master because I think GM's are one of the biggest influences on game play. I aspire to help the community have great experiences with rp filled events, action packed but also very emotional or deep moments also. My main goal is to make sure everyone has fun, no one is left out and it actually impacts the community. As every other Game Master I want to make every event perfect, I hope that if I become one I could link up with the other ones and make a grand event with them. In the end I want what is good for the community whether it be good events or just another part of the community to help others out.
    Why should we accept you? (125 words minimum): I think I should be accepted because I am very passionate for things and I don't let people down much if ever. I think I should be accepted not just because my skills but my love for the server. Never have I joined a community so close as much as BLN is. I just want to join the family and be a little closer so I can help out behind the scenes in everything. I should be accepted because I am generally liked by everyone and know some on a more personal level and I could get close to others and help them deal with them. I also love taking criticism so when someone tells me to improve something I will try my best to make it perfect.

    What ideas do you have for new events?: One is an on ship event, it is expected that an inspector will come on ship, he gets on and just before he begins inspecting bunks he is found dead inspecting the engine room (Blast Marks). There will be a spy on board disguised who is trying to kill high ranking officials. Once he is found (Maybe caught trying to kill someone) ship is sent on alert. Then out of nowhere two munificents jump out of hyperspace and disable our comms and hyperspace systems. A Droid general hops on the ship and is supposed to be captured so he can enable comms and hyperspace again (If he is killed then they just use the data in his head). Once successful they call backup and munificents are destroyed. The problem is addressed in debrief and the troops stay on alert for a little while more after with all systems on standby for another potential attack....

    Are you willing to do events every 2 days or less?: Yes I am very willing to.

    Do you have previous experience as Gamemaster at all?: Yes, not as one but when I was staff another server I helped out with teents.

    Overall Community time: Over 3 weeks and a half

    Time played on the current server: 2 days and around 6 hours I think.

    Will you commit your off-time to moderate if needed? Of course I am always ready to help.

    Are you Staff on any other servers: No not at the moment.

    Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted? (This won't change much) Yes because if I get demoted it will be my fault, and I love this community anyways so if I got demoted it wouldn't change my view at all.
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