Colonel Oraniya

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    Person of Interest: Seiichi Oraniya

    Deployment Status: Active

    Rank: Colonel

    Assignment: Republic Intelligence.


    "I remember the.. coldness, the.. death that littered the streets of Nar Shaddaa. The constant gang wars, blood, and violence that plagued the district. Lawless and full of corruption. It was a hellhole."

    Being born on the gang-ridden planet of Nar Shaddaa, he wasn't that well off and was exposed to a lot of violence. His parents has abandoned him in order to seek new freedom, claiming that he was "extra baggage". He had no one to help him through the harshness of the harsh environment of Nar Shaddaa. When he became of age, he was forced to participate in many of the gang's attempts of rising to power in the under dwellings of the ruthless planet. Attempting to gain enough funding to escape off planet, he also attempted to work many side jobs. He wasn't successful, causing him to be stuck in a place he had no desire to be in. That was until he decided to stow away aboard a cargo freighter, which he was successful in doing. With the freighter stopping at a Coruscant space port, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to escape and seek a better life on this new planet. Seeing the soldiers in shining armor gave him inspiration to enlist into the Republic military.

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    "The Academy was full of bullies and people trying to prove that they have what it takes to be useful. Everyone had one thing in common.. They wanted to be useful. They wanted to have a purpose."

    Oraniya would enter the Republic Academy, and soon began to fail at all of his classes. His classmates made fun of him and bullied him due to his constant failure. This only gave him the motivation to push forward, studying, and training to become a beacon of hope to everyone else at the academy. This would catch the eye of a very.. peculiar individual. This individual began to watch over Oraniya like a Bird of Prey watches over it's next catch. The mysterious watcher eventually approached Oraniya, who was unaware that he was being watched, and was offered something.. different. To be transferred to the Republic Naval Intelligence Academy. He accepted the offer, and was immediately transferred to the academy. His personality began to take a noticeable change as he completed his classes. While at the academy, he visited the individual who offered the position, as they disappeared from the watchful eye of the Republic. Graduating from the academy, he was assigned to the Republic Navy, where he quickly rose through the ranks.

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    "After stepping foot onto the bridge of a starship, it's opened my eyes to many ideals. Ideals that have merit within them."

    Oraniya studied each crew member that he had come into contact with, just as he was told to do. He assimilated their many personalities, creating a new version of himself. Calm, collected, pure dangerous. As the Republic took notice of his many skills, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Navy. Gaining a name for himself throughout the Republic military. Republic Intelligence took notice of him, and offered him a proposition. To become an agent within both branches. He accepted, his past quickly fading into darkness as he became more and more mysterious. He simply became, "Unknown" and a Jack of all Trades.


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