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  1. Alright, I'll drop this down.

    Timing out from a Gmod's server could mean many things. Addons, the server's fault, the PC, etc...
    However, the common issue is that it usually associates with connections (Firewalls, routers, etc)
    Another common issue could be towards addons.
    The reason "Time outs" happen is due to the fact that the connection between the user logging in the server and the server itself is slow.
    When the connection is slow, the downloading of essential server support "addons" slow down as well.
    Thus, this makes the entire client slow down too which leads to a "time out"

    1) The first easy thing to do is to (from steam support):
    Go to steam library > Right click Garry's Mod > Properties > Set Launch Options > type "-autoconfig" (without the quotation marks of course).

    2) If 1 didnt work, and you got a new PC, a firewall might have blocked incoming addon packs or server support essentials to you.
    I'll update this method in a few minutes since im running on time if you dont know how to allow a program through a firewall.

    NOW, Im going to be copy and pasting the "re-installment" and "addon" method here because addons can cause memory leaks within the system draining the client to a slow pace sometimes.
    OF COURSE, you probably uninstalled Garry's Mod already and restarted (not a factory reset) your computer, BUT that does get rid of the left over data within your hard-drive.
    Please do the following below if the top methods or assistance did not work.

    Basically, we would fully re-install the addons and I don't mean just unsubscribe and re-subscribe the addons in the workshop.
    You would want to go to the file directory of Garry's Mod and go to the addons folder.
    Delete EVERYTHING in the addons folder and then re-subscribe everything.
    Try to re-join the server now to see if its fixed.
    File directory example : (hard-drive > Steam Library > steamapps > common > GarrysMod > garrysmod > addons)

    If the addon method didn't work, I suggest a full re-installment of Garry's Mod.
    To do this, just go to the File Directory of Garry's Mod and uninstall the "GarrysMod" game folder, not the "garrysmod" separate folder.
    After you officially uninstall Garry's Mod within, re-install Garry's Mod, re-install the addons, and then try to get in the server.
    We want to do this because when we just uninstall through the steam library, the game files installed inside the hard-drive STAY there until a manual remove as at hand.
    This will help any unnecessary addons and scripts that may cause endless memory leaks.
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  2. PC Boi Czai Strikes Back.
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  3. try blowing into the the PC that might help
  4. (Update) I dont know how to blow into my PC...
    I have tried the addon method before. thats the addon unistall method ive been doing once i realized that.
    i havent tried the reinstallment method. i will try autoconfig if not then i shall try the reinstallement method Czai.
    I have noticed i have been able to get on twice recently when we were on the venator extensive map but after that the issue returned. i shalll try the autconfig first then we shall see
  5. I might attempt the reinstallment method now but he current issue is what do i exactly unistall? idk where in the files it would be when you said not the sperate folder
  6. How does one locate the Hard Drive or File Directory Czai my guy
  7. Steam Library
    Hit Gmod
    rigut clici
    hit properties
    "Open local files" or some shit
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    Give your pc a blowjob. Oml smh how do you not know that?
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  9. Have you tried connecting using a VPN?
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  10. Don't try this connecting with a VPN will probably make it worse to even connect- depending on where your VPN is placing you- I suggest you don't do it- I tried it and it was shit.
  11. ...I thought that would be self-explained, uhhhh okay.

    Hit the file explorer icon, it should look something like this in your tab.


    After opening that up, go to your hard drive or storage unit or whatever pops up after hitting "This PC"

    You should be able to follow my previous instructions from there.
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  12. Yeps. Sorry Czai forgive me I'm a c o u s t i c

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