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    Steam Name: lamb sause located

    IRL Age (Do not lie, there is minimum age of 14.): I am 14 years of age this year.

    Do you understand that, at any given moment, you could be unwhitelisted by a member of staff for whatever reason? Yes, I do.

    Provide a detailed character backstory with at least two paragraphs in third person, five sentences per paragraph.: I am a transferred citizen from city8. When I was just 15 years old, the combine invasion had just started. My friends and my dad went to fight in the 7-hour war, while me, my brother, who was 17 at the time and my mother went hiding. After some time after the 7-hour war, we were assigned to city8. My mother and brother were getting sick of the combine. I could tell. Thus they tried joining the resistance, but were found. My mom got killed while my brother was assigned to become a slave to the combine.I don't know what made them think he wouldn't need to be killed, well I don't really want to know. I don't know what he was made into, I just got told that's what they did to him. I didn't agree with my mother about going with the resistance, so I wasn't killed, Or made a "slave", but transferred. Here in city45 , I am looking for a new better life. But shortly I realized that that was not possible as a citizen. I tried hard to do something with my life but to no avail. I knew I couldn't do it. I couldn't make my life any better here. Unless I joined the force. And here I am, 12 years later. Appling to join the force. I guess this could make my life, At least a bit more productive.
    IC Section
    < :: George Mendez #59891...

    *Welcome, citizen, to the metropolice force application format. Here you will apply for the combine-established force. Please provide each question with a very detailed answer. It may or may not reflect upon your chances of joining our force. Good luck and thank you for considering joining our force!

    Why do you wish to join the Metropolice Force? I was looking for another life. while thinking about it, I saw what the citizens were going through, Losing their betraying family to the combine just because they didn't know how to behave. I can stop that. I can make them behave. I can. I know it.

    Have you ever been detained by a Metropolice unit before? Explain. No, for the most part of my life here, no. I have been behaving like a good citizen. I think so atleast. I don't have that disobedient personality that my mom and brother had.. The Combine have given me food, a home to stay in. I don't want to end up like my mother or brother.

    Do you have any past experience of anything the Universal Union may find useful? When I was little my father taught me how to shoot many guns. To this day I miss him. To be honest, I would have wanted to go to the 7 hour war with my dad, Just to experience our last time togheter as a team, Fighting the combine. Back to the point, I am strong and have good aim which i think the Universal Union will find useful.

    Do you have any mental or physical capabilities that can give yourself an advantage as a metropolice officer? I never give up on something. Hell I remember that when I was little my mom told me that in kindergarden I kept messing up on these little things we made, I don't really remember. But my mom told me I kept trying to do it, Even though It was real hard for me.

    Why should you be accepted into the Metropolice Force? I am really good with guns and know how to make citizens behave. I have seen what the metropolicemen do to the misbehaving citizens, and so I know what i have to do, atleast I think so. I am good with firearms and malee weapons and can turn the tides in a fight between me and a rebel.

    6. Do you agree, (citizen name here), that you will serve the Universal Union for as long as your heart beats? And you shall never dare to turn away from us? Yes, I do.
  2. We're currently at City45, so your story doesn't make much sense though you said you had figured out the errors. I'll allow you to edit this piece as you're still unaware of this.

    Other than that your application is under review.
  3. Edit you're mistakes please, We are currently at CIty 45, So you making yourself a Transfer from City45 would not make much sense..
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