CT-2248 "Sapphire"

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    ----Accessing File----

    ----Requesting Access Code----

    Inputting code:█████████

    -----Access Granted-----

    ----Logging in----

    Clone ID: 2248

    Nickname: Sapphire

    Regiment: 501st Legion

    Rank: Private

    Training: Heavy

    ----Proceeding to non-classified files----

    Sapphire was helpful, and honest compared to some of the home world of Kamino. He had always assisted his brothers in their time of need. When the Citadel challenge came up, he aced it. It was due to his helping hand, and teamwork. His squad mates admired him, and respected him. He gave himself the name "Sapphire" for unknown reasons, and continued to use it. After the Citadel, he was immediately sent to the planet of Christophsis as his first assignment. He'd help with the heavy work that was needed around Republic bases, and camps. When the Droids invaded the planet, he did his best to keep their hands off of Republic property. Mid battle, he was assigned to a Republic ship, an Acclamator.

    During the early years of the Clone War, Sapphire was stationed aboard other ships. Fighting alongside his brothers there as a Heavy. Many of them had been destroyed, causing him to be constantly restationed. He didn't care much about the ships, only about the crew aboard the ships. The soldiers who gave their lives on those ships. He fought for them, and for the ones who couldn't defend themselves. He was soon stationed aboard the Burst Link Venator. It was.. different from his other experiences. Despite the way they acted, they seemed to always get the job done. Very rarely did they fail a mission, no matter what it was. He soon grew to like this new crew. He was soon offered a hand by the 501st Commanding Officer, Acapella. He tried out for the 501st Legion, and was accepted into it with open arms.

    Sapphire would continue to fight in the war, which never seemed to be nearing an end. He served alongside his brothers on the Burst Link Venator, caring for them. He grew attached, and would even give his life for them. He's seen his fair share of blood, and death. Even those within the 501st, such as Rampage. He vowed to himself, he'd continue fighting. No matter the cost.

    ----File End----

    ----Exiting File----
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