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  1. Out of my dignity and respect , I feel Czai is a amazing person. Since he came to this community he has helped many people with connection or Issues with their Gmods or problems.Which times it would or wouldn't but to me I consider his deeds to people of this community really make me smile like actually for Losts problem he knows how to solve situations of the problem and get the job done which I'm going to say, thanks Czai for all you have done and helped in the community with Peoples connection errors

    And a shout-out to everyone , Mustang , and Resh for keeping this community running and alive , I'm greatful to get on when I can and have a community that appreciates good work and dedication and without that we couldn't of reached to that 100+ players
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  2. May he rest in peace
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  3. I mean, it's not like he's talking about himself in a third person perspective right now, is it?
  4. I'm gay
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  5. czai is neat
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  6. The only thing I would thank him for is showing me BLN :D
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