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  1. This guys events are creative and fun.
    His dupes are outstanding and u can tell he puts alot of work into them.
    Goid job at making the event world a fun place.
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  2. I mean, yeah.
  3. I love this man (no homo), he’s a great guy that’s very funny and fun to talk to. He makes amazing events that look great and play great. And when you do something unexpected he just give a kind hearted laugh. This guys great.
  4. Agreed 100%
  5. cool event dupe boss fight
    real cool and well orchestrated
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  6. Dude i liked the infiltration within the turbine and people just getting smacked lmao
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  7. Hasn't done FallenKingdom by CaptainSparklez event.
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  8. holy shit i found this thread finally

    czai, holy fuck, its a godly em and there should be a celebratory annual day about him
    this guy can turn your event from the most rushed and panicked event into a boner inducing porn movie about blasting robots just by helping out
    i have no idea how he does it, if he has like some jesus aura but he just manages to make miracles happen, you just turn around and-boom your shit is filled with czai rainbow magic somehow

    yeah anyways this is just a kickstarter for annual maybe monthly czai day sponsored by pluto
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