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  1. Well the CEO of Subway would be able to know what kind of flavors would go well with the sandwiches. EMs are entrusted with responsibilities too, why should they not get a say?​
  2. Because that's not the rules we've established. Though the initial thread has been unpinned, Only current staff or COs/XOs can +1/-1.
    Sure other people can just say what they want but Resh and Bester will more likely take into consideration just staff/CO/XOs
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  3. Thank you assassin man
  4. yes
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  5. Dent is a XO, my XO
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    +1 As a CO

    I have had Defalt command me, (Artus' DC as Jedi General) work along side me as a trooper (Unofficial Juggernaut XO) and along side me as a jedi (GM Jedi Commander as of posting). Through that time, Defalt has shown to me that he can be very reliable and serious when you need him to be. While he is a bit "mingey" sometimes he doesn't break any rules while doing so (maybe RDM, but who doesn't have a case of that if they have been here that long). His activity is also great so having him around to whitelist, warn, etc would be great! Another hand on deck (as long as they're competent) is always helpful. I hope this Staff Application is accepted and that I may be able to ask him for staff help myself in the future.
  7. do not question the logic of the rule because it's a established rule?

    not saying EMs not being able to +1/-1 is a bad rule or anything, just saying this response was sadly made with dumb dumb logic :( come on man at least justify why it's a necessary rule to Dent
  8. I was gonna elaborate more but I was getting off break but yeah.
    How I've seen it is, staff and other leadership positions (specifically CO/XO gang) generally have a better idea of what would make for an ideal staff member

    Eventmasters have more of the role of storytelling and/or providing a major source of entertainment to BLN, not so much as a CO or existing staff member

    at least that's how I've perceived it, I'm sure others have a better way of elaborating it or just better reasoning altogether ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. is this new?
  10. I think what's the most important is what you say, not who said it. A CO having a short "+1 he's a cool dude" means nothing vs long well thought out criticisms meant to suggest improvements and the impact a person would have on the server; good or bad.

    It is also important the in the end, +1's/-1's actually mean absolutely nothing. Aside from an overwhelming community response of -1's, choosing the next staff member boils down to a judgement call by Resh and/or Bester. The feedback just helps them come to a decision. imo as long as it's good feedback it shouldn't matter who says it.
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  11. Staff Application Accepted.
    Contact me on TS or the Server for your Trial-Mod Whitelist
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