Direshots Custom Battalion

Discussion in 'Donations' started by Direshot, Oct 16, 2017.

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  1. He has lead a battalion before, and he lead it well until the server restarted.
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  2. skins are in final preparation
  3. Are you going to be a RC squad like in lore?
  4. Ouch
  5. Bad batch reminds me of a squad deployed in Vietnam
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  6. they arent RC they are a task force made by commander Cody
  7. So,how are the models doing Direshot?
  8. ugghhh they are still working on them im about to go crazy lol
  9. got any updates for us?
  10. I have not heard from arsenic hopefully soon
  11. jeez it’s been so long
  12. Make Clone Deform Bob part of the Bad Batch or else.
  13. I have good and bad new!!
  14. the bad news is the model maker I had making the bad batch has bailed on me with no contact for a month now but I have many others that are willing to pick up the project!
  15. that kinda sucks
  16. Frick IMG_20170903_161043_503.JPG
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  17. That's a big fucking O O F
  18. The models are coming !!
  19. Arsenic has dealt with the loss of a family member! The work should be done in n time!
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