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  1. So yeah, guess some people may have notice I haven't been on in god knows how long.. Been having consistent lua errors (No Memory) from the server, tried reinstalling the game and just crashes repeatedly.

    Very unsure when Gmod will straighten itself out but if y'all have idea or 2 on how to fix this... That'd be amazing.
    But until then, don't expect to see me there for a bit.

    Till then,
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  2. Do a factory restart of your pc that always works
  3. kys
  4. Okay, lets crack this down.

    First things first, LUA errors (memory errors as you stated) are errors usually caused by addons.

    1. Verify the game cache (To do this, right click Garry's Mod in the Steam library > Properties > Local Files > Verify Game Cache)
    2. Restarting PC
    3. Unsubscribe and re-subscribe addons in the workshop (not a full re-installment addons but this is the simple method)
    4. See if this is the only server you are having problems with, join another server and see if you can survive it
    5. Unsubscribe any unnecessary addons that are not for the server then try to join the BLN server

    Basically, we would fully re-install the addons and I don't mean just unsubscribe and re-subscribe the addons in the workshop.
    You would want to go to the file directory of Garry's Mod and go to the addons folder.
    Delete EVERYTHING in the addons folder and then re-subscribe everything.
    Try to re-join the server now to see if its fixed.
    File directory example : (hard-drive > Steam Library > steamapps > common > GarrysMod > garrysmod > addons)

    If the addon method didn't work, I suggest a full re-installment of Garry's Mod.
    To do this, just go to the File Directory of Garry's Mod and uninstall the "GarrysMod" game folder, not the "garrysmod" separate folder.
    After you officially uninstall Garry's Mod within, re-install Garry's Mod, re-install the addons, and then try to get in the server.
    We want to do this because when we just uninstall through the steam library, the game files installed inside the hard-drive STAY there until a manual remove as at hand.
    This will help any unnecessary addons and scripts that may cause endless memory leaks.

    I hope one of these methods work and that the problem will persist no longer. Usually, it's time that fixes these problems cause it could be the server sometimes but its a rare case if it does relate to the server. If you are still having problems, please refer and reply back to this thread of PM me personally.
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  6. Just tag Czai whenever you have computer problems
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  7. BTW the best way of fixing this (it always works) is to set launch option to
    -dxlevel 90

    Always works
  8. Whats that do?
  9. Use Windows 98

    Jk dont
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  10. Update: I'm back and in the mix of things again if you haven't noticed. Thanks for the help!

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