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Discussion in 'Eventmaster Applications' started by Drfixit10times10, May 29, 2019.

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  1. In-Game Name: PA PFC 3654 Dok

    Steam name: Drfixit10times10

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:98734447

    Age: 16

    Timezone: NZST

    Why do you want to apply? (100 words minimum):
    Well, I recently got back into gmod and this was the first server I found and I'm so glad I did!, This server has really made my gmod experience better. I really am enjoying this server and want to help in any way possible, I really want to give an experience for the players to enjoy. I really enjoy acting for events and instead of just being asked to act, I can just do it. Also recently the map had just been updated and i see a WHOLE bunch of event opportunity's arising. I feel like I can give a great experience for not only the players but for the other EM's

    Why should we accept you? (125 words minimum):
    I feel like you should accept me for my creativity, I can bring some fun, exciting and adventurous events to the table. I can be on to do whatever you want me to do! Another reason is that I have a Voice changer that could make the events even more immersive (But let's not worry about that) Like one of the other questions being, I can play as a mod on my off time. I have experience as an EM due to the fact that I was really into creating events, I became a Head GM of a server and was a regular gm on other servers, sadly the co-owners had a feud and shut down the server. I really think I could do well in making events for this amazing community!

    What ideas do you have for new events?:
    So a cis force attacks the ship, boarding it and assaulting the clones, but they lay out multiple (3) commando droids to take a suit of clone armour and destroy the ship from the inside. The clones will defeat the CIS main force, but the commando droids will go unnoticed while they destroy the main engine. The Venator will crash into a nearby planet which is controlled by the CIS and will attack the clones, while the clones hold off the CIS forces, they will have to call in some backup which will take a while. After the Clones pickup has arrived they will escape to another Venator and will bombard the planet destroying most of the CIS forces but not all. (This would be if you wanted to swap a Venator map)

    Are you willing to do events every 2 days or less?:
    Sure thang

    Do you have previous experience as Gamemaster at all?:
    When i used to play gmod I played as a gamemaster on a lot of other servers, I was ahead Gamemaster on one server.

    Overall Community time:
    1 day 4 hrs

    Time played on the current server:
    1 day 4hrs

    Will you commit your off-time to moderate if needed?
    Yes i would

    Are you Staff on any other servers:

    Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted? (This won't change much)
    yeah, like i said i really like this server no matter what
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  2. Ooooo a kiwi em app
    potentially really beneficial for non US....
  3. Sorry but EM applications have been closed down for some time. If you would like to become an EM, please wait patiently for the next tryouts!

    Thank You!
  4. I love seeing people apply lol
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