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  1. basically, modernized gm_city but with water, epic skybox, and not foggy like the 1 we have.
    not as high res though, but looks like more buildings can be entered.
    subway system
    nuclear power facility
    construction site
    some skyscrapers
    ship-building yard
    miniature golden gate bridge

    but none of it is too high res. not a perfect map, but pretty okay

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  2. +1 I could already imagine an event on here
  3. twin towers jokes are scary
    am neutral
    far too immersion breaking cus of replicas
  4. There's no twin towers on-map
    And I'm not too concerned with immersion breaking considering we have other modern city maps that have worked just fine for us.
    I like all the details on this map as well as the various structures.

    It's a +1 for me.
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  5. I get to fly around, so I like
  6. first and foremost,
    I'm rather certain that there is a recreation of the current world trade center, the tallest building shown in the thumbnail. I havent downloaded the map so I'm not certain.

    second, tying in with my first, the immersion breaking for me is because of the little recreation of New York buildings as stated in the description.
  7. fair enough. I've seen from comments people asking to add in twin towers so I wasn't sure

    I can see the immersion breaking but I don't personally think it'd affect everyone too much
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  8. Yeah last time I went to New York a transformer in Queens blew the fuck up and it made the sky change colors. I was on a boat ride around New York during this and even the dudes who worked there were freaking out. We legit thought it was Aliens like a fucking movie or something, that said, didn't even look at the map so yes.
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  9. Oh that blue sky thing? That was crazy bro.
  10. These niggas prayed on my downfall
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  11. To be honest the props are not great, and it doesn’t seem worth it for the amount of props inside it, however it does make it seem more like Star Wars but that being said it just seems to small, also there props that already are like them, and default gmod has
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