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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Mariodylan, Sep 24, 2018.

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  1. Steam Name: mariodylan
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47468734
    Hours played on the server: 426 Hours (2 Weeks, 3 days, 18 hours)
    What is your age? 17
    Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers?
    I was T-Mod on two separate CWRP servers
    What attributes can you bring to our server? I'm a very quick thinker, which would help in staff situations where there are arguments happening or for when deciding how long or what a punishment should be. Also I see myself as a very chill person, which would be more pleasing to someone in a staff situation.
    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server?
    When I am on the server when there's nothing happening, I seem very stupid and what not. Though, when something does come up, either in my battalion or in an event, I can quickly put on a more mature attitude that would be willing to deal with a problem head on.
    Will you be active on our server?
    I know that my activity has been a very long spoken issue in the community, and I can even agree to it myself. I do a lot of things IRL and on the world of the internet, these range from being a DJ on my local radio station, directing plays for my high school, and even running a YouTube channel and doing Admin work for many websites. Though I made a promise a little while ago to be on every single day, and so far I have kept that promise. And I will still fulfill that promise for as long as I can.
    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems?
    Do you know all the rules for the server?
    I know all the rules, yes.
    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server?
    Hopefully I've earned the respect from the community to fulfill this position.
    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?
    I've been punished 4 times, all for RDM. Though the last 2 times I asked to be warned for what I did.
    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words)
    I'm gonna be fully and truly honest here. Now the last time I made a staff application I made it for the sole purpose of trying to get power, which Resh was quick to point out. Since then I have changed a whole lot and I come making this staff application today for other reasons. A couple months ago I was made CO of ARC after Slice decided to get PK'ed and go on to do other things. I was, and still am, able to step in where Slice left off and fulfill my duty as the CO of ARC. Along the way I have had the help of all of my troopers to help me do stuff for the battalion, such as Diver and Giant. Though with them going on to do other things, I'm left with them not going to be able to help all the time and a bunch of troopers who won't get proper training. I don't want to see ARC go under, I want it to live in thrive with troopers who will get the right training. I also want to become staff due to another thing, I noticed that even though we have so many new staff members, that there is still quite a big problem (at least from what I've seen) when it comes to mingy people not being properly punished. If I were accepted into this position, I would want to help give back to the community by trying to stop threats that would harm the RP of other players and make events and just normal chill time RP friendly. For the most part I don't think my points will be strong enough to get me this position, but if I can get the chance to shine and prove my worthiness, I would much respect that for whoever judges upon this. Thank you.
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  2. +1 I don't know Dylan very well, but I've heard a lot of good about him. I personally think he'd be a good staff
  3. +1 I see this boi in combat he leads his troopers and is well respected by people in the server. I think he will be a good addition to the Staff.
  4. -1 Sorry, but my problem is activity, and if anybody sees he more active then I do, which is very little, then I will take my -1 back.
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  5. I've been getting on everyday, but my time frame would usually depend on if I have IRL things happening. But for the most part I can see why you think that way
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  6. +1 Great ARC Trooper, good leadership skills, Great sense of character and personality. Staff worthy in my opinion
  7. -1 It's a no from me dog. I see you active now a days meaning your willing to make an effort, you've spent enough time here to understand the way the community works and the rules of course. Which are all MAJOR +1's. But i've never seen you in TS not even once, i've seen you get frustrated quickly and start yelling, i know personally with you from firsthand experience you have a problem with reasoning and logic, you can be a good leader and a welcoming face sure. But you also have a contradicting personality. Maybe being an EM and trying to build rep or taking some time to show improvement would be great for you!
  8. Honestly whenever you guys see me yelling, it's mainly just a joke that I found funny. If you guys actually took it all seriously than I am sorry about that, I will be sure to mellow it down. In all actuality, it takes so much more to make me actually irritated at something. As well with the whole team speak thing, I never use it because I'm still figuring out how it actually works. If my battalion would like to talk more on TS, I can make the move to that.
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  9. +1 Cool guy,be serious when the time
    But u still need to deal with real life stuff right?Hope u can be staff and deal with both things.Wish u luck
  10. +1 from kerk
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  11. Life has gotten a lot better for me, I know where my place is in school and my life has been a lot more lenient. Though yesterday I was dealing with a very stressful project and needed to focus more on that than BLN. So sorry for not getting on yesterday.
  12. Oh Look, another ARC-y boi wants to become a staffy boy.
    Jimmy Neutron(Neutral) in my case.
  13. At least maybe state a reason?
  14. Idfk if I can +1 or -1 because I’m not staff, a CO, or an XO, but if I were going to say one or the other it would be +1. I took like a two day LOA, but I am usually on everyday and everyday I have indeed seen Dylan on. He’s not a minge, he does communicate with the community, and is overall a good CO. I actually enjoy watching his tryouts not because I want to be ARC (I enjoy 10th) or because his guys are good, but the way he handles his guys. He isn’t hard on them if they fuck something up, he just keeps trying to explain to them what they did wrong and how they can fix it in a way they can understand and not only that, but it usually works. I think he’d be a good addition to staff, but that’s my opinion.
  15. What are YOU trying to say retard
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  16. Uhhhhhh... that he is much like my CO Ofc (and that he can deal with the minges or people with questions).
  17. +1
    Dylan is a hard worker, comitted to his unit's success and his men. I have an ear for people who yell, because I like loud and invested people in my unit, kind of as a meme, mostly not. (I have Finn, Rampage, and I myself yell constantly.) This guy does not get A N G E R Y and yell. Even in cases where I'd think another CO would give their men an ear abortion, Dylan doesnt. He either sounds disappointed like a parent, or just tries to explain what's wrong. This shows how well he can keep his cool. Following rules is no sweat for him, he has to keep his unit in high regard, and therefore he tries to uphold a serious tone as often possible. Logically, I think he's fine, he has to lead and therefore make tough decisions. He hasnt fucked up horribly yet, so he's competent at the least. Activity wise, he does get on often as possible, even if previously he's been unable. Even during his period of what some consider inactivity, he got on from 8-10 PM EST, a good time for most peoples events.
    Would be a great addition to the staff team, he works hard.
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  18. Papa dylan working hard in a change after slice stepped down aint a proper plus 1 causs i cant but +1 from me.

    Mature and capable
  19. Idk if I'm still being considered at this point but if not then I would like to request this get's locked just in case of future +1/-1's that would all in all be pointless.
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