(EDITED) Republic Commando Containment Unit

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  1. yes
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  2. Will review
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  3. mustard review
  4. I like the idea, personally i'd imagine it being a part of medcorp but it is working with medcorp which is fine. Flamethrowers I always pictured would be a sub of GMs though but I mean
    GM is big gay
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  5. Thanks bb- I thought the idea was pretty good, and I talked with the other RCs for suggestions, most of the recommendations were something like this.
  6. I’m doing a side job atm so I can’t really review but if I do accept this will be the final RC sun battalion until one is disbanded.
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  7. more like blow job
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  8. Honestly, for once I can say I see no issues with the loadout. It seems like a nice balance, although I will say I don't think it will serve a HUGE purpose, but those instances it does apply will be extremely satisfying in RP. I'll accept this, but remember special SWEP's like the Flamethrower are privileges and abuse will result in removal. I trust that you won't let that become the case. Good luck and try to keep the flames on zombies and other infected enemies and not so much on clankers.
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    I can probably code this as well as the new shit for RCD on friday night
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  10. Can-do, I can say that I’ll be focusing on making sure it isn’t abused, and that it’s more or less used against organic threats. Past that thing-y, like I stated in the post itself, this will be mainly focused on RP situations that depend on the Containment Unit- so in non-requiring situations that don't require mass containment, it'll function like any other normal RC Squad.

    Thank you!
  11. Update: Resh and I have agreed that upon adding this tomorrow night I will also be bringing down the speed among all RC classes one notch. Nothing major but jut enough to make a difference. You guys are fat after all
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  12. Not fat, just thicc.
  13. That seems kind of random, nothing in the lore describes RC armor as being slow
  14. Well having 4 sub battalions warrants a setback in some category and thus was the most logical direction. I’ve given you guys everything you’ve asked for lately so you’re gonna have o deal with this one.
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  15. and juggs
    fatter af
  16. This idea was a thougut in my head months ago, it was nothing SUPER random but when Mustang approached me about it, it is logical and makes sense
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