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Should I continue making more lore on Rotary?

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    Logging in...
    Please insert password: ********
    Thank you..getting information for entry:
    Loading information...

    : SPC 5866
    Current "battalion": Unassigned
    Previous Battalions: Fourth Clone Army (N.N.) | Shadow Company (N.N.) | Advanced Recon Forces (N.N.) | Nox Spectres | Newly formed 501st Legion (N.N.)
    Current Battles: The New Republic Clone Civil War.

    Battle History: The Campaign on Tara, Tareth-827.

    Known Information: CT 5866 "Rotary" was only known as the replacement for CMS 1171 "Caboose" of Fifth Fleet (on the N.N Venator), he was not treated specially because of this, however. He was treated as a normal trooper in the army, as was everyone else. During his time there, he served Colonel Rhombus, after this, however, he decided he would like to become part of the Medical Corps, to help out all of his fellow troopers. Major Lyric had recruited him, putting him at "Medical Trainee" or "MT CT" for short, after a month, A.R.C Commander "Gideon" did A.R.C Tryouts, also known as "Salvation," he, and four others, were named "Ijaat," or Honour, in Mando'a. Sadly, however. all but him had failed the A.R.C "Salvation." There, PFC 5866 "Rotary" was made an A.R.C trainee and had to do two months worth of training. Sadly, during a mission, A.R.C. PFC 5866 "Rotary" was 'killed' during his sleep, said a traitor to the Republic. They left him there, stranded. PFC 5866 "Rotary" then lived for several months with the natives of that world and then found the B.L.N Venator. He then stationed himself there, being a Sniper in the Unassigned battalion. He was put back to the rank of PVT. Around a month later, he found out that the N.N. Venator was..wiped out. Very few survivors. Shortly after this and another battle, he went to see the destruction. There, he found CPL-6685 Conductor, his pod brother and another replacement for CMS-1171 Caboose. His armor was well near just dust. All that was left were his dog tags. He took them and kept them. Returning to the Venator, Staff Sergeant Mike promoted him to the rank of Specialist.

    Loading more information...done.
    Mission: 1NW1ph
    SPC-5866 Rotary was sent on a separate mission for several days. He was sent on a mission along with his trusty DC-15X and macrobinoculars. He went to the planet where the Nox Venator had been destroyed. Looking for more people, he found several men that were still alive. Returning to his LAAT, he was ambushed by BX-series Commando Droids, killing all of the men he had just recently found. He luckily survived and took the men's dog tags along. Finding out they sabotaged his LAAT, making it so he needed a new engine, he had to stay an extra week and a half finding an engine part in the downed Venator. He had limited food and supplies, but he found paint. That may sound dumb, but it helped him with designing his armor. He painted and took a visor he found off another dead trooper, a Dissonance Trooper, to be exact. The white visor glowed. Returning to the B.L.N. Venator, he had a beard and custom designed armor. Nobody even noticed he was gone..nice to know nobody cared.

    SPC-5866 is currently on the planet the Nox Venator crashed on.
    "I can..I can hear you! Let me..get to..you.." Rotary.
    Only muffled breathing is heard outside of his helmet.
    Several minutes later.
    "Dr..droids!" A Nox Trooper said.
    "Sh..!" Rotary was shot, the three troopers with him killed. "God..damn it!" Rotary mutters. He reads off the dog tags. CT-9999 #######, CT-9997, and CT-1234 Bob. (They actually all were numbers used and played by people.)
    The video feed shows a Dissonance Trooper's visor. Completely intact, however, not on the helmet. He takes it. Tactical insertions were everywhere..however, they did not work this time.
    More video feed inside a devastated Venator. Many dead Clones and Jedi.

    More feed loading in...
    Video feed failed. Data is corrupt or deleted. Please try again later.

    File corrupt
    Error= deletion in progress: 0%

    100%. File deleted.
    Error. File not found.
    Exiting out.

    Logging out...
    Please insert secondary password: *********

    Thank you..information being stored...error.
    No information found.
    All information on entry gone.

    Have a "nice" day B.L.N. Venator.
    ~Commander Insulator of the ### ########
  2. I think I may not add more lore to this. I have gotten no yes's. So, uh, yeah.
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    More information on Rotary..kind of.

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