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    There's already a star wars laser on the server, but it's pretty static and hard to ''spread out'' without firing a ton, which are likely to have a huge ass blast radius. new laser has a reasonable radius, ignites targets under it's gaze, and changes the ragdolls of the dead like a davy crockett. also it moves with your shots. has better effects. ;)





    that's it! thought it would be a much more intimidating weapon from a providence or whateva, interchangeable with naval airstrikes too?
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  2. Stealing my Suggestion wtf??!?!?

    Don't matter, I second this suggestion, as the beam's hitbox is confined to the beam itself, and not 50 miles from the beam.
    also it adds immersion to glassings
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  3. now we can commit genocide immersively
  4. Did someone say orbital bombardment?
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  5. put these in the clone wars suggestions tho!!
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  6. now we can cleanse easier!! also would be useful for trying to block off an area from clones if you wanna say it has big lasers there or smtn
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  7. that is actually creative thinking for your dumbass

    good idea dude
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