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  1. Alright, as of coming off my LOA, my worries about the relevancy of my Event Story Lines and player reception have once again peaked. As I've come to know through many times in the past, it seems my Event Stories can feel convoluted and confusing. Occasionally, I can get a foundation of players who enjoy, recall, or follow the series, but it tends to disappear fast. I fear that my storylines wont leave base field, as I'm constantly trying to bring to light past events. I thought that creating extensive lore would counteract this, but it seems not.

    I'm currently wondering a few things: (Strawpolls linked)

    - Do players remember my events?
    - Is there anything clearly wrong with my events?
    - Do you read my lore threads or any for that matter?
    - What makes you want to follow a storyline? (Please type)
    - What makes you remember a storyline, character, or lore? (Please type)

    If you could answer these polls, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    As always, my feedback and event thread is housed here: http://burstlink.net/forums/index.php?threads/acapella-events.4309/

    If you could, please provide feedback on this thread, or on my Suggestions one, if you have any advice or want to expand on your answers.
    Thank you all greatly, player feedback means tremendous amounts to me, and I will do my best to continue making events that are enjoyable.

    ~ Acapella
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    Basically, I remember one of the events you did back when I was CA. We were trying to hold back some CIS forces which overwhelmed us. Grevious had also joined them. It was a really fun event, and made me wish that you decided to host more of them. That's the only problem I saw, not enough events. The events themselves are really fun, and memorable. I also wouldn't mind acting in them. I do read some lore threads, If I'm interested.

    What makes me remember a character is the way they act. For example, certain behaviors and attitudes. Things of that sort. If they're annoying, and rude, then it tends to be a more fun character in my opinion. I also want these characters to remember what we have said, and done to them so that when they meet with us again, they act different. For example, if we're nice to them, they'll become more trusting, and more appreciative of us. I also feel like more lore characters should be involved.

    I tend to follow a storyline if it interests me, like events you have done. It gave me a sense of urgency, and the need to succeed. I also like it when theres a actual plot, and storyline and not just one event and it's over. The same goes for lore. I like in depth lore instead of something short and simple. I like there to be a cause and effect. I like there to be consequences. It's better in my opinion.

    Anyone, what I put here probably doesn't matter but that's what I think. I hope it helps.
  3. To answer the first:
    What makes me follow a storyline is when the events that go along with it are in a way that can make me admire a player(s)'s character for trying, much more than their own success. I think that's some rule of storytelling in disney or pixar, not sure which one. It's also about how a storyline makes me feel. That's how I usually remember storylines as well. Same with movies and books. As long as a storyline has a good hook, I get interested

    To answer the second:
    For me, things like a formidable foe, some sort of satisfying resolution or some sort of character driven story. With a character-driven story (Character being player or multiple) you can have actions driven by forces that are outside of the players. Things like a conflict that escalates really hook me personally. What also makes me really remember for me as in my own characters like Moon, as if the event(s) give my character motivation. For Moon in your series, it was failing to contain the giant gassing of that planet. It was nice seeing my guy fail and feel so regrettable about that and wants me to come see future events to see how that unravels

    Hope this helps man, but so far I've enjoyed your events
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  4. Theres a reason why you are still em on the server man. Your events are awesome and original :)
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  5. Your events are great by me! Keep up the good work ma dude

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