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  1. Thanks to everyone for playing on BLN, especially to the following:
    Lutpug- Here since before the start, and works so hard for BLN
    Vic - Been here constantly and consistently since the summer of 2015, start of BLN. I love you
    and especially to everyone and the staff/EMs that work so hard to nake the players happy, you guys don't get enough credit
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  2. We <3 you Resh
  3. Yo I appreciate the good Bois on BLN homie , u doing a good job
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  4. I might start playing again if I get my PC part's in- right now I just lag too much on the server to play- I'll try to play on it again and I won't be autistic this time, I'll be the Serious Oliver now.
  5. am I still staff? Reee <3

    I need to hop on more often lel
  6. nobody asked loser

  7. You know what I have to roast you know- you a r e n o t t h i c c
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  8. Gary is the only t h i c c one on the server, we all know that.

    I want that thiccness Gary ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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