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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by Figgs, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Called it
  2. I had more than 35 warns and got them lowered to 25 after the rule was set, I don't see why Figgs wouldn't get the same thing done to him
  3. From what I understand, he did have warns removed by staff, and then recaught 35
  4. Oh ok, then he deserves the ban if he got his warns lowered already
  5. Mmm
    Plus in your case you changed for the better, and thus got more warns removed because they didn’t apply to you anymore
    and as I said, he got more warns after so that means he did not improve. I’m still open to letting him back in but again, up to lut
  6. He was very annoying in halorp just saying
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  7. Thats what I noticed
    During fred’s pk event I had to warn him twice because I noticed he was pissing everyone off
  8. FD42BC7E-D091-433E-B677-C68D6D8EB547.jpeg
  9. I know for a fact I did warn him in HaloRP. I may have deleted the warns after, but I know for a fact I did. So the ban definitely wasn't only comprised of old warns. It seems like Figgs coming on recently has just been to minge, or to fuck around. While the wanting the white man's shoes was fucking hysterical, it got old pretty fast. Especially because he'd do it in moments that required a bit more seriousness than just a random go-there shoot-this event. Caboose was funny af tho.
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  10. I honestly forget writing this, but yeah lets see luts decision
  11. The issue with warns in my opinion is there isn't years on them. Like I all 3 of my warns between the first 6 months of the year, and it makes them look recent, even though the warns are all from 2016.
  12. I don’t think the author of the script intended warns to be kept forever that is why
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    This is how to check the years. If your warns are within an ID 100 apart then they are in the same year but if the ID is a couple hundred or a thousand then they are a year apart.


    Fun fact I had 15 warns by the end of 2016

    2017: 1451-3500
    2018: 3501-5500
    2019: 5501+
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  14. Wanted to clear some of the "facts" up, I had only gotten warned once when I came back to the Halo RP thing. Second, the only warns that were removed were with ones that had the N word, and it landed at 36 warns, and if Atheon got it lowered that much, I'm surprised that mine are still that high. If/When I do get unbanned, I plan not to do what I did that I did in Halo RP, I'm already "in" Fuze's 104th and I'm not gonna do stupid shit like that again since its back on Star Wars RP. This is all I had to say about everyone that has been replying.
  15. A banned player in 104th? Huh?
  16. Yup, banned or not my ass recruiting at all times.
  17. bruh you try too hard
  18. Figgs was a good trooper when he was in 10th. He was our first recruit and could have been something if he didn't become inactive. A lot of people thought he wasn't good enough for it, but he turned a-ok. I didn't see anything bad during his time in 10th. That was a year ago though, so I can't speak for his time after 10th.
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  19. I say that he should be unbanned, since most of his warns are older and I think think would give me the chance to prove that he can be active and a good player.
  20. Figgs should be unbanned, if nothing else, for the fact that he's been on BLN for so long that he's probably went through puberty during his time here.

    Nah, but I kid. Him coming on HaloRP and doing that shit was pretty dumb, though, especially if he wanted to be serious on StarwarsRP. If he does plan on being serious, then I don't see a reason as for why to keep him banned.
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