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    Name: Servoch Krovtii
    age(current): 31
    Weight: 210lbs.
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Organization: Jedi Order
    Rank: Consular
    Planet of origin: Dantooine
    Padawans: N/A

    Info: Servoch Krovtii was born on the year 51 BBY on the outer rim planet of Dantooine to Mikel Krovtii and Annesh Krovtii. Servoch Krovtii worked on the Krovtii Family farm with his father(Mikel Krovtii) from the age of 5 years to the age of 6 and 1/4 years. Servoch Krovtii turned the age of 7 and 1/2 year when a Jedi Consular(Name unknown) found that the young child was force sensitive, he was taken by the Consular with the parent's consent to the planet Coruscant to be trained. At the age of 8 years Servoch Krovtii was given the rank of Trainee. At the age of 13 Servoch was granted the rank of Initiate after passing the Trainee trials. During his time as an Initiate Servoch showed promise in his abilities with the force and was later taken by a currently unknown Jedi Knight resulting in Servoch being to the rank of Padawan at age 15. During his time as Padawan he spent most of his days in the Jedi Library studying the history of the Jedi and the Force. At the age of 21 Servoch was put through his Jedi trials which he regards as one of the hardest challenges he's gone through. As a Knight Servoch spent more time in the Library and practicing his skills in the force and negotiations with fellow Jedi. At the age of 28 Servoch went through his Path trial, passing the trial revealing a green kyber crystal led to him being promoted to Consular. At the age of 29 Servoch was shown to be rather talented than the force, more so than his fellow Consular, after the Council saw his great use in the order Servoch was given the title of Sage. When Servoch was 30 he was informed by the Jedi Council that he would be assigned as General to the 212th Attack Battalion on the Burst Link Venator.
    |Attention: File is incomplete. Please gather more information on Organism: Servoch Krovtii|

    Degs: Friend
    Tragic: Bro
    Clayton Carmine: Fellow Sage
    Proton: Czai -1.0
    Mira: Died long ago, Friend.
    Wulfric: Respects
    Mohn: Respects
    Zana: Meh
    Caesar O'gara: Respects, loyal
    Korriand'r: Questionable
    Sinbad: Furry
    Fee-Thek: Pretty cool
    Kyle: Curious
    Gotenks(deceased): Friend
    Czai(deceased): Friend

    Misc. Info:
    1. Servoch Krovtii has a more quiet sounding voice in serious situations.
    2. Servoch Krovtii's mother(Annesh) is a descendant of a Jedi Master who went by the name Corviin Versong
    3. Servoch Krovtii is prone to be confused in more chaotic situations.
    4. Servoch Krovtii has a hatred for planetary genocide.
    5. Servoch Krovtii has a love for information on the lightside of the force.
    6. Servoch Krovtii will sometimes look as if he is staring in an endless void during debrief(note: We have found that during this time he can not hear anything.)
    7. Servoch Krovtii is shown to have more care for life than most subjects reviewed.
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    boy did he come to the wrong venator
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