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    Name: Servoch Krovtii
    age(current): 21
    Organization: Jedi Order
    Rank: Knight
    Planet of origin: Dantooine

    Info: Servoch Krovtii was born on the year 38 BBY on the outer rim planet of Dantooine to Mikel Krovtii and Annesh Krovtii. Servoch Krovtii worked on the Krovtii Family farm with his father(Mikel Krovtii) from the age of 5 years to the age of 6 and 1/4 years. Servoch Krovtii turned the age of 7 and 1/2 year when a Jedi Consular(Name unknown) found that the young child was force sensitive, he was taken by the Consular with the parent's consent to the planet Coruscant to be trained. At the age of 8 years Servoch Krovtii was given the rank of Trainee and transferred to the Burst Link Venator, due to an increase in Trainees and Younglings in the Coruscant Temple. Once Servoch arrived at the Burst Link Venator, he was taught about how the Venator was different from other Venators, for example, the Burst Link Venator instead of having two or one Jedi at a time, while the Burst Link Venator is fit the carry a larger amount of Jedi than usual. At the age of 13 years, Servoch was given the rank of Jedi Initiate. |Attention: File is incomplete. Please gather more information on Organism: Servoch Krovtii|

    Knight Kit Fisto: Former Master
    Youngling Mira(KIA): Friend

    Misc. Info:
    1. Servoch Krovtii has a more quiet sounding voice in serious situations.
    2. Servoch Krovtii's mother(Annesh) is a descendant of a Jedi Master who went by the name Corviin Versong
    3. Servoch Krovtii is prone to be confused in more chaotic situations.
    4. Servoch Krovtii has a hatred for planetary genocide.
    5. Servoch Krovtii has a love for information on the lightside of the force.
    6. Servoch Krovtii will sometimes look as if he is staring in an endless void during debrief(note: We have found that during this time he can not hear anything.)
    7. Servoch Krovtii was at one point mute and deaf for a day(Note: Cause is still to be determined)
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  2. F to pay respects for Mira.

    Also, sucks how Kit was going to be my master as well
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  4. If you rejoin Jedi I got you Chief tryna break saints record
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