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    Steam Name: Focusis

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54861900

    Character Name: Eric Bread

    What whitelists are you currently apart of?: None

    How long have you been playing Half-Life 2 Roleplay?: About a year

    How long have you been playing on our servers?: About a year and a half

    Why do you want to be an OTA?:

    I have played as a loyalist and rebel and I wanted to see the other side of the war through the eyes of a OTA

    Do you have any experience playing an Overwatch Soldier? No I hope to make this my first

    Give an example of an OTA’s roleplay:

    The soldier would stand still, not reacting to any event. Waiting for orders. After hearing orders from the CmD the soldier fires on the crowd of civilians without hesitation

    Give an example for a proper OTA roleplaying description:

    OTA do not hesitate when given order, they set out to achieve their goal in anyway they can |

    How do the OTA speak?:

    They do not have conversations with other troopers | only talk to other low ranking Civil Protection when needed to | Do not respond to low ranking Civil Protection when not needed to | never talk with a citizen | aggressively talk with low ranking Civil Protection

    How do the OTA carry out their orders?

    OTA carry out orders when given to them by a SeC or a CmD| they use whatever they have to help achieve the goal of that order |the only way they would stop following that order is if they die |

    What is an OTA?:

    A OTA is a either a prisoner or a willing CP sent to Nova prospekt. They undergo multiple treatments that enhance them very much. After these treatments they are mostly machine rather than man. Due to the treatments they are 100% loyal to the combine. Only 1 type of RP applies to them and it is pain RP.

    What are you expected to do in the OTA?

    I am expected to stay in stasis until a SeC or CmD deems they are needed and when needed I am loyal in every way I can (two examples are massive amounts of rebel activity and zombies, antlions, etc)

    How are you expected to act in the OTA?

    I am expected to comply to every order (unless it contradicts other higher rules, harming the Administrator, etc)

    What is your character's background story? (250 words at least.)

    Eric Bread was born into a poor family with no other siblings. 10 years after he was born both his mother and father had died from infections gone untreated. After that he lived on the streets. Bye the age of 25 He had been in jail multiple times. When he was 26 the seven hour war began. As we know militaries around the world had been destroyed in mere hours. When the war ended he was sorted into a city like every other citizen. He was sorted into City 17. When he got there he hated it instantly like most others. He annoyed the Civil Protection in any way he could. He was beaten multiple times over and over again. Yet he still kept doing what he loved. After awhile he found out about a group of rebels. He thought that it was the perfect group for him. But even with his years of experience on the street, the constant threat of a Combine attack, lots of others dying from wounds and new diseases it was all too much for Eric. Eventually he went to his old ways of just annoying Civil Protection. He was known to most of the Civil Protection officers around City 17. Eventually some higher ups and decided that he would be sent to Nova Prospekt. On the way there he was cracking jokes to others unfortunately sent there. He was sure nothing would change him. Oh how wrong he was.

    Do you accept that abuse of this character can get the whitelist removed by an administrator at any given moment?: Yes
  2. Hello.

    We're currently reviewing your application.

    Your Overwatch Transhuman Arm application has been denied.

    Re-apply in a week.​
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