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  1. Hello everyone. I’m sure you’ve heard of me or the fact that GM got a new commander and I wanted to start this post by thanking everyone so very much for the great hospitality and feeling of brotherhood on this community. It makes me feel truly welcome here.

    Now on to the main event.

    I’ve noticed on the server that all the officers have their own way of leading on the field, which is a really nice change of pace to my own community where all my officers practically follow the same system. Seeing this has really provided a lot of serious thought on if I’m on par with these officers, and as such, I’ve almost doubled the amount of time I spend studying and interpreting the writing of leaders from the 19th and 20th centuries. As such I wanted to share with everyone some great places and people to take influence on their decisions in the field.

    1. Helmuth von Moltke

    Moltke was an officer of the Prussian Army, acting as commander of the army for 30 years. He is credited with helping to unify the German states into one German country. Moltke’s prime was the time between 1864 and 1887. He wrote many books on his time leading the Prussian and North German Confederations armies. I am currently reading his memoirs and explanation on the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71.

    He is credited with modernizing the worlds armies and is one of the oldest pioneers of combat as we see it today. In terms of intelligence. Moltke can be perceived as a hyper genius when it came to leading.

    2. Bernard Montgomery

    British Field Marshal Montgomery was one of the top leaders of the allied forces during the Second World War. He is credited with his overwhelming victories in North Africa, where he used tank divisions and infantry to absolutely obliterate the German Afrikakorps. Montgomery is a great person to design battle plans off of, due to his use of soldiers in extreme weather places like Africa.

    Montgomery did not accel in France with his failed Operation Market Garden. Though with this failure, he was still able to lead the British Army in a very successful way.

    3. Heinz Guderian

    One of my personal favorites on this list, Guderian is one of the most successful generals in all of German history. He was able to cripple the French Army in less than 5 weeks by driving tanks through mountains and forests. Guderian’s Autobiography, Panzer Leader, is a very good read and highly recommend it. His almost genius level explanation on how mobile warfare should work in his book, Achtung! Panzer!, really is a great place to take influence from. I feel like his strategies would be easy to implement with the use of TX-130s and BARC Speeder dedicated units, with an infantry compliment. This would not only make events badass by having large numbers of vehicles but also for the strategies that can come out of such an idea.

    4. John Pershing

    John Pershing is the only 6 Star General in U.S. history, equal to the rank of Grand Marshal. Pershing’s excellent use of the American Expeditionary Force in France during the late years of World War One were able to break the stalemate of Trench Warfare by simply putting a spin on classic Infantry attacks by adding tank and aircraft support. His tactics were perceived as suicidal and insane by his French and British equals. Though when used in battle his ability to break stalemates are great for events where players should ever be overwhelmed by a larger enemy force and forced to dig in, by using pincer movements and other unpredictable tactics.

    I might add more people to this list, but for now these 4 are my top choices for the other leaders and EMs to take influence from when making decisions.

    Reading some maps from decisive victories can also show how geography and training can be the turning point of a battle.

    Even though I don’t think such complex fighting styles are needed when fighting NPCs, they do make for great testing grounds for new ideas that officers could implement.
  2. HistoryRP, also very nice history, I like
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  4. HistoryRP
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  5. I know I'm a little late to the punch here, but welcome to the Marines. You take good care of my Battalion, and my Men, you hear?
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  6. I will do my best to live up to the legacy you, Krayt, and Spring created.
  7. I left a legacy? Was I that good an XO?
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  15. I’m currently taking time off to spend with my family. If someone needed me I’ve been online and have a laptop which can (barely) run Gmod
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