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  1. Steam Name:


    Hours played on the server:
    i have 6 days and 17 hours

    What is your age?

    Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers?
    Yes I have been staff on smaller servers. I've helped some servers when they first started.

    What attributes can you bring to our server?
    I'm a active player on the server, I know the rules for this server, and as staff I know you need to enforce those rules. I know how to handle myself, and not only that i'm already enforcing the rules since i'm Commander of the CG.

    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server?
    Yes I am positive that I am mature enough for this job.

    Will you be active on our server?
    I'm almost on the server everyday. Unless I have something school related then I wont be on, but other than that I am positive that ill be on everyday.

    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems?

    Do you know all the rules for the server?
    Yes I know all the rules

    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server?
    I believe the server does respect me, i don't start fights with people at all unless it is something important.

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?
    Back on VG i was warned a couple times, but that is it.

    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words)
    First of all I believe I can bring real passion and energy to this role. I have a strong desire to help others and develop as a professional, and this is already demonstrated, because I am a Commander, and on top of that Commander of the CG which are pretty much staff but with less power. I’m a dedicated member of the server and a team player, I have been here since November of 2015. If someones in need of help ill help out as best as I can, I thrive in a team environment and fully believe a team that is communicating well will be the most productive and successful. I say this because I know i'm gonna have to communicate to people and work with other staff to solve certain situations. I’m aware that this job involves patience and time and I know that you are looking for someone who can multitask.
  2. +1 The community knows you enough to respect your role. I hope to see you in the position of staff!
  3. +1
    Old vet and knows what he is doing
  4. Mostly everyone knows you and repsects you, and you were also a staff member on VG so I know you understand what it means to be a staff member on a Serious RP server so I hope to see you back as a staff member once again on BLN.
  5. +1 from experience I know you're a capable admin from when you helped me with my server.
  6. I really Like this staff app and I know you very well and feel you know your shit.

  7. +1
    Hey man, this is pretty good I know from talking with you one on one and in other situations I am sure you will do just fine.
    Please be on teamspeak everyday and be ready for an interview before made staff.
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