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    Email/Name used to donate:

    Amount Paid: 35$

    Package(s) You Purchased: Premium Level Custom Model

    Additional Information/Armor designs: I wanted to go lore friendly with body groups and style. I was informed that since i donated a 35$ for a premium in the past that was never used since it was phase one i should link this and technicaly i have a 70$ model, Hectar informed me this is important.
    • Jet pack. This should already be available as PR unit
    • Medcore Back pack
    • Jet trooper helmet, same as the image attached, with the design shown on the full model applied.
    • Right side range finder
    • Bacta bandolier same as the sagatarious model PRCO
    • Kama as PR CO I would like it to have a purple outline with the fill being the same grey as the leg stripes with the emblem from the face on both sides in purple.
    • Left forearm I would like a grey body purple outlined TechPad with a heartbeat monitor for med RP
    • Right forearm i would like what looks like an attached laser/grapple hook gauntlet
    • If at all possible i would like the clone troopers actual face to have a buzzed short mohawk like the image
    • The grey stripes on the leg are diagonal and only go around as shown on the side
    jet trooper side.jpg jet trooper.png [​IMG]
    2027 Frody.png

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  2. Mmmm its the medical angel
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  3. wings like an angel, sass like your ex.
  4. nice crotch piece
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