Getting assfucked by timezones and school [LOA]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mann, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. So uh yeah, my time on the server has been positive, thanks Resh. But, now the holidays are over, I'm afraid of losing my grades as I get less sleep due to everything happening late at night. I may have to make Mann kick the bucket if it doesn't get better. Sorry lads. Treat this as an LOA for now, if I don't get back within a 2 week period then consider me as out.

    Also can I upload my model as a PM for Sandbox? I'd be sure to add Gary as the creator and mention BLN too.
  2. you don't need to be on every day, my m8. Tbh I'd be ok with you only being on during the weekends. Anyways school comes first so I understand your decision
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  3. smh sleep is for the weak
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  4. this the 1000th thread?

    R E A L T H R E A D S H I T
  5. Ow oof
  6. someone deleted my thread called "1000th thread" smh
  7. Ok

    Also, may be back on Monday or something, idk really. If not then I'll like, make Mann MIA or some other shit.

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