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  1. I played Giant's event last night and I honestly hadn't had that much fun during an event in a long ass time. He proved to me that you don't need super fancy mega dupes or elaborate lore in order to provide a fun experience to the players. He made everybody feel important during his event and created an environment where even the smallest of player actions were rewarded.

    I look forward to all of your future events bb.
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  2. +1 I love his events tht I’m on for
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  3. Aitch-eee-double-hockey-sticks yeah
    events are always very fun, the rpg elements+ loot is also a nice addition that bumps it even further up. Always v creative so +1
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  4. I love Giants events, and it's been always fun to do events together.
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  5. Giant events are a perfect balance for Jedi RP and Clone RP. It's also clear that he watches the character profiles to help with the RP (Example: Wulfric is from Hoth, so when we were a snow planet his rolls were increased for being in a familiar enviroment)
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