Gundown's Vortigaunt Application

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  1. Steam Name: Gundown75

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:75568131

    Character Name: Tel'Vaderm

    What whitelists are you currently apart of?: OTA, and CP

    How long have you been playing Half-Life 2 Roleplay?: For about two years.

    How long have you been playing on our servers?: About four days.

    Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?: I never played or role-played as a vortigaunt before. So I want to try it out.

    Do you have any experience playing a Vortigaunt? No, I have not.

    Give an example of Vortigaunt Roleplay (Enslaved and Freed):
    (Enslaved) /me Would pick up multiple cans from the ground and put it in the dumpster, looking back at the Combine when he does.
    (Free) /me Would use his vortessence to charge up a generator, putting both hands onto it and closes his eyes. The generater lifts up a metal door so they can go inside.

    Give an example for a proper Enslaved Vortigaunt roleplaying description: 5'11|Dark Green skin| One large middle red eye| Multiple smaller eyes above it| A small arm on the torso|

    Which pronouns do Vortigaunts not use?: I, me

    Do you know the basics of Vortigaunt Speech? List 3 examples:
    (Freed) This one will go back to the sewers. For my brothers need assistance in their struggles.
    (Enslaved) This one regards the benefactors highly.
    (Freed) This one welcomes the human to this shelter. We hope you are useful in our times of distress.

    Provide a backstory for your character? (Minimum 1 paragraph):
    Tel'Vaderm was a young vortigaunt before the time of Half life. His kin ran from the opression of the Combine to Xen. He eventually ran into the portal to Earth. Him and his kin were seperated when he got there. He travelled the world, scared and afraid of this new place. He eventually made it to the city for help from the humans. His fate is undecided since it is under Combine rule. Does he get captured or not? It is up to him to decide.

    Do you accept the fact that you will be an Enslaved Vortigaunt, equipped with a large, extremely durable and expensive collar with mechanised locks?: Yes, I understand.

    Do you understand that you will only be able to make two Vortigaunt characters?: Yes, I understand

    Do you understand that abuse of the whitelist can have it revoked from you at any time by a staff member?: Yes, I understand.

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