HaloRP 2019 Criticism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Authority, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. When you have an authority figure like myself what more do you expect
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  2. Yeah he made my channel password "Nigger" for crying out loud!
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  3. Woah that’s a bad word
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    I Think, HaloRP 2019, was really good. However as others have stated in the past, its a little bit harder to find good event plots. Then again there also, the already stated fact, that there is like 50 Banshees in the skys at all times when theres no event going on. Secret Messages are fun!

    However the In between event RP is nice, I don't think anyone did any kind of between event RP like this in clone wars, and I hope We bring it with us back into it
    Zlits will return

    Again all these things have been said already.

    What Hasn't been said Already? Unlike ImpRP, People have actually gotten attached to their characters in a way. If you can read this I congratulate you. Have a nice day!
    Also when people die in HaloRP its a lot more sad, and hits you in the feels more.

    Overall message: It was fun. We should do it again next year!
    PS: AI Master Race eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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  5. /slides back in

    With Halo there's been more actual stakes concerning characters, as they're actual human beings. Unlike Clones, where you can only go so far with their personality(Not to mention that most people roleplayed as themselves. CWRP has and always will be more casual), with Halo it's... You're people.
    A whole ass people.
    You give them a quirk, and then let the character develop from there. With this setting it's a lot easier to do that.
    Whether you're some Marine who joined up to protect his folks back home, or a Spartan-3 who's lost it all and is trying to get some of it back. There's a lot to do.

    The issue with CWRP or at least how it was going is that outside of Jedi it's a lot harder to not only do that, but keep that alive. To... Fertilize it, I guess.
    Sure, some characters would be fleshed out but then they'd either have to die or just faded into obscurity. Or worse, went back on that development having it mean absolutely nothing!

    But with the right amount of effort given from not only EMs(Keeping an eye out for 'unique' actions, watching people. Hey, you might even find an event idea in there), but also the community as a whole.

    That is something I dearly hope will carry back over to CWRP when we switch.
    Because if it doesn't, I'm going to be legitimately sad.
    It's truly the only thing that we've learned.
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  6. Why you gotta steal my only original criticism like this.
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  7. I'm just expanding on it because I felt inspired.
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  8. I was half-joking tbh
  9. And I was half truthing
  10. Halo RP boring as frick compared to Imperial RP with PK's.

    like come on, you were a person in Imperial also, brainwashed or not. you could have moral dilemmas.

    but everyone in halo is SCARED OF DYING SO
  11. You missed epic pk last night
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  12. if thats what your definition of boring is, my nigga u got a scuffed sense
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  13. I said comparatively
  14. i'd say everyone that was outside of fred's room last night would disagree.

    the PKs while few have for the most part had an impact.
    there was a random ODST private that got a little too close to a flood carrier[?], who then willingly threw away their life after being told there wasn't any going back.
    they threw it away to save everyone, even after being insulted to shit by yours truly.

    alex being slowly killed in front of everyone by an invisible force that none of us could stop, before being set on fire was also fairly impactful at least to some of the spartans. he was the quiet brother and meant a lot to a few of us.

    fred's death was fred's death and i will say no more than that.

    maybe you weren't around to see them, but even if you were i think i understand where you're coming from. because you didn't really build the relationships with other characters like other people have. not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind.

    this is a quality over quantity scenario.
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  15. ayy
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  16. Too many black people need more whites next time
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  17. Why were both of those from my events
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  18. Because 80% of the events are yours
  19. :(
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