Holo-Recording #001 - Alec

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    Oliver slowly ran through the Brig's memory log's, deleting the useless stuff, Arrest's that ranged over two year's, of course putting them into a dead vault, when something, interesting came up, It was titled Holo-Recording #001, "Hey-Tyrone, what do you want me to do with this Recording?" Oliver asked looking at his XO in the doorway,
    Eh- It's probably trash, delete it." Tyrone would say his voice being transmitted from his helmet as he talked, "Specialist Tyrone is now 10-8" Tyrone would say walking out of the brig to go on a patrol around the ship. Oliver nodded going to delete it but accidentally double clicking on it, When going to close it, A figure stepped into scene on the recording, "Hey-Racer is this thing working?" The voice said, Oliver felt reminiscent about the voice? What was so intriguing about it? It's almost as if he remembered that voice solely. "Yeah-Alec it's working!" Racer said, Oliver froze at the name, Alec? What was this recording? "Well- alright, Well anyone who is watching, I am CG CPL Alec!" The figure know known as Alec said, "I am apart of the Vanguard Venator, I work under the Command of Commander Yoichi!" Alec said with a slight chuckle, "Now if your watching this, I'll probably be a higher rank now-" Alec was cut off by the voice piercing through the brig, "Alec, Racer- Why aren't you patrolling?" The higher pitched voice said, The figure came into scene wearing a Pauldron and a Kama, he was wearing also a visor, and it signified him as a Commander, Alec and Racer both stood up, Saluting there commander in the recording, "Sorry Commander Yoichi Sir, we were just uh- discussing new patrol routes!" Alec would say with a nervous hint in his voice, Commander Yoichi eyed them both through his helmet looking at them, "Well- we don't have time, we're loading up for a mission on Nar Shadaa, I want you to be careful on that mission, I don't want to be losing any of you." Commander Yoichi said as the recording ended, Oliver looked at the screen where it had just gone black.
  2. (OOC: Most Vanguard member's will remember this, While on a mission to Nar Shadaa, my Character got burtally stabbed through the chest, this was him preparing before it, Only a few will remember Alec and such)
  3. Don't make me bring back memories of early 2016
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    Eh- this wasn't really 2016, This was near the end of 2015

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