Ideas for Custom Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Resh, Jan 4, 2018.

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    As you know, 2018 has kicked off with a super cool venator.
    I've talked to a boi and I'm hiring him to make a custom map
    Reply with any ideas

    Confirmed Features:
    • Hyperspace
    • Sim Room with changable sims environments (Idea by Xenu$
    • Jedi Temple
    • Two Megabunks with a cool way to get them. (Non donator anymore, just wait.)
    • Working Guns.
      a single laser beam that can deal damage. (Like a Mac Gun from Halo)
    • Docking Tube
    • Lights turn off able
    • Back Up Red Lights
    • Stairs instead of shitty elevators
    • New Dope briefing room
    • Windows, windows with closable blast doors, ect ect
    • Windows for each bunk!
    • JEDI TEMPLE ASTEROID SIMILAR TO THIS that has a dojo for sparring and a library(Small) [​IMG]
    • This shit:
    • [​IMG]
    Planned Features:
    • Working Escape Pods (Idea by Xenu)
    • Skybox changable (Idea by Iris)
    • Destroyable Shield Generator
    • Windows for Bunks
    • Holographic NPCs at CR room to call for trainer
    Attempting Features:
    • Star System Hyperdrive
  2. Individual bunk rooms for jedi
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  3. what about the umm ability to "enter a planet" and it just changes the skybox to make it look like we're in-atmosphere or something,so it makes sense for us to deploy laats
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  4. More damn elevators because people love to spam
  5. Why have that when you can have a full temple? ;)
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  6. Nice
  7. also it'd be nice for the layout to be similar to rp_venator_bln,but just extremeley updated and lots of minor changes [e.g. the jedi don't have right bridge]
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  8. On ship or off ship?
  9. Jail room/prison?
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  10. Off ship im thinkin
  11. Then my request still stands for some jedi bunks on ship.
  12. Sure
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  13. Bridge Designs of this Map to ours , and the Elevators

    Jedi area or temple so the Fleet has both bridges

    CG area of this Map to ours

    Medbay Design of this to ours
  14. Fuck elevators
    Bridges sure
    Jedi area already planned I steamed you this
    CG ofc
    medbay sure
  15. yo can we make the debreifing room a bit nicer and easier to find, it took me an hour to find it the first time i logged in
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  16. The ability for CIS Ships to jump in and attack the ships, actual laser crossfire and shaking, ship alarm system, and AI fighter ships
    - Board able CIS Ships
    - Destroy able CIS Ships
    - Controllable Ship Turrets
    - Working Holotables to communicate with battalions or parts of the ship
    - Easter Egg: Space Junker appears randomly in space
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  17. Last map that had that was terrible
    The voice thing isn't possible I believe
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  18. Also a waste of money and time if an EM can reproduce that
  19. Bunks a little more roomy? Like megabunks is dope but like Pay to win
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  20. If we can get hanger 2 available that'd be cool
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