Ideas for Custom Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Resh, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. windows
    just any form of windows
    looking out into space is fuckign cool
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  2. ^^^^^
  3. I got the best idea of all time.
    A trash compactor
  4. A arc statue with a 14 on the forehead
  5. A way to turn off the light completely, maybe with an optional way to activate red back up lights.
    This doesnt have to be anything fancy with the generator, just a button would be enough.
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  6. Like the normal venator?
    ps Windows in space is FUCKING COOL
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  7. Pretty much exactly like it.
    Full light sucks out all the atmosphere out of spooky events, while backup lighting makes it even more tense.
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  8. An option to deploy droids in boarding craft, like on that Kamino map.
  9. I'd actually argue against this.
    It promotes lazyness when it comes to event design, people will know where the droids spawn and how many they are, after they've played through one of those attacks once.
    Its also another script that could potentially just go wrong.
    On Kamino the droid deployment doesnt work for example, so you end up with drop pods and T posed droid models around the map that, as far as i know, can not be removed until you reload the map.
    Now what would be neat would be a button to spawn clone npcs around the ship.
    Clone bridge staff on the bridges, CG in the brig, engineers in the cargo area, ESU in the engine room, that kind of stuff.
    It would be pretty much the same thing as what you suggested, just less prone to bugs and maybe a bit more usable in a day to day situation.
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  11. Its not a bad idea to have NPCs on the map, just very difficult to execute right.
    On the same note, everyone that suggested something that heavily relies on scripts/is very linear.
    Please understand that its very difficult (and most likely expensive) to add these things to the map.
    Anything that requires more "advanced" scripts to run is prone to failure.
    Take the elevators for example. If they're out, we're fucked.
    And you know how reliable the elevators are.

    So before you suggest something extraordinary, think about how much scripting may be involved and how usable it would be. If its something that we might use often, go ahead and suggest it, if its something very situational, it will most likely be rejected.
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  12. brudda knows de way
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  13. hence why we r using stairs
  14. Could we possibly get a testing room? Just a place were RC (anyone if they wish) to go to test weapons and vehicles? (Like for RC when we are training troops with explosives and other things)
  15. S I M R O O M
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  16. Aside from the features we should probably also think about where to put all our shit.
    I just tried it once, but holy hell is it difficult to make a semi coherent map layout.
    Here's a basic layout that you can use to create your own venator
    Just draw in where you'd want the rooms to be located at.
    Here's my shitty first attempt.
    This is honestly alot more difficult than you'd think.
    I even fucked up my own idea for windowed bunks.
  17. lol
  18. uhhhh most are listed already but:

    -lights that can be turned off to simulate a power loss
    -working elevator smh
    -I’ve noticed that in single player mhb doors “stick” and tend to open but not close
    -hangar 2 we need that back
    -maybe stairs to 4th floor, medbay and CG room currently has only one way to it which is the elevators that have a 50% to screw up
    -cantina, maybe convert that big room before you get into MHB into that?
    -more ARF troopers
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  19. we're not editing the new map
    if we did we'd get DMCAed
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  20. Can we "copy"more like fucking steal parts of the venator_extensive map?
    For example, we just copy steal the bridges and copy them into our map, since they look fugin litty.
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