Ideas for Custom Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Resh, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. No, he specifically says we can't

    We can recreate it however :D
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  2. “Recreate”
  3. Upgrade to Venator Mark-2

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  6. OMG YES
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  7. Have a big ass Burst Link watermark on the side of the ship like on pirate ships
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  8. Mark II would make more sense anyways.
    Experimental ship that carries a bunch of battalions instead of just one, slightly smaller all in all aswell.
    Its just better.
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  10. MARK 2 SEXY
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  11. A room designated to train CRs, preferably with the Formations already on the wall as part of the map.
    And if possible, the faces and names of the formations also attached to the wall. Everything else we can use text-screens for.
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  12. Really no point, textscreens are easier to change.
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  13. Well then the formations on the wall then, or as resh said, the holotable stuff.
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  14. And for the love of god make it lockable.
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  15. Tbh I think we should just make a lego Venator for us.
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  16. Im making a Venator out of Legos actually from a set that was like in 2011
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  17. I haven't finished it in 7 years
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  18. i had one but my dad broke it smh
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  19. fun fact that’s in republic at war I think

    problem would be getting a map maker that can make the whole thing
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  20. Just, build a Lego ship and put the picture of it as the map. And the whole map is just all 100 of us just staring at it for hours and hours in amazement at how good of a Lego builder you are.
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