Ideas for Custom Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Resh, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. HECK yeah! But seriously we should add check points for CG or a spectator room for sim room
  2. just use props fuh
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  3. My opinion: add some type of lockdown system from a brig. A control panel which indefinitely locks all doors on a specific floor. Cos load outs should be afforded battering rams so they can get through a lockdown but only cos.

    A badass but EXTREMELY hard thing to pull off would be make the medbay share a wall with the moon pool and make that wall all windows so you can see ships coming in/out for aesthetics.

    This is biased but some type of offshoot station of sorts for segregated training. I'm not talking sims, but a full station to eat sleep and fight on for a few days to really build bonds and independence.

    I have tons of ideas but I'm at work so rip
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  4. Also medbay in that scenario would be multi story so the whole wall was a window
  5. New map had the lockdown feature,was nice but people could doorkill with it
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  6. I've said this before but can you maybe ask the map creator to try and make the turrets turn to the front of the ship instead of this weird angle please. danke
  7. For the last fucking time, we aren't editing the goddamn map that's new
  8. Lockdown shit is smart af
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  9. Just Built it today
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  10. Bump! Any ideas for things you want? I plan to get one for summer
  11. A different barracks idea. Having small rooms next to each other is cancer. Either two or three large barracks to hold multiple battalions like maybe 4 one for each /squad or a more complex bunk system with some privacy. A symmetric layout would be nice too so it’s not confusing AF. Keep a late Jedi room though so they have a large space for trials.
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  12. A space station, or somewhere we can travel to in the same map to get supplies, defend, attack, or just to chill at.
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  13. So you want like 3 barracks for like multiple battalions?
  14. A large barrack would be cool and would either be more mingey but it might bring everyone closer together. It would be like a real life military bunk. 50 guys sleep in the same room.
  15. Of course there would need to be smaller rooms for meetings and such.
  16. orgy rp
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  17. [​IMG] this
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