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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Radir, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. So I've been a Jedi for a bit over a week and seen them fight forever and with the new XP system and everything I do have a great time grinding for levels and shit it's nice but with limitations like how you gain XP so slowly to what I've heard it's because of people in the past abusing it and stuff like that. And being on here for a while now that my level is higher I can feel the struggle of some of the Master to get the good moves and abilities. like how bill is only level 30ish that only 15 or 17 points which isn't a lot. So the first thing I'm suggesting, I think that there should be a good XP boost for meditating and just in general so we can actually get new things.

    Then the one thing I notice too is in the skill tree we only have 3 sections but there are so many more in the show off just look at this pic and even the video where are all the other options for stuff like blade master and stuff.

    And lastly why is it that only sential Jedi get to use the Cloak but the consulars and guardians don't but aren't given anything to balance it out. it doesn't make sense to me that sentials are allowed to use everything when other Jedi are not. And saying that Consulars have better IC force powers doesn't really work out since we don't get a lot of times to utilize that.

    So to Sum it all up into 3 Major needs
    1. Big XP boost
    2. More things for use to use points on
    3. to fix class advantages like Sentials get cloak and no one else gets anything cool

    Also more LOOT spawns for better shit would be cool too but yeah
  2. Great ideas, as for the trees I believe those must be made on our own, so RIP
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