(!) IN REGARDS TO +1's or -1's on applications (!)

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  1. I don't understand why you care so much Nem? Aren't you happy on the MW server?
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  2. Lol true
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  3. If I may make a suggestion you could have the people who are allowed to do this consult with some normal players ya know ask around say "Hey how do you think this guy performs? What's be like is he mingey?" That way the community as a whole still gets a bit of say and if the battalion CO thinks said person had enough support from other members then they could toss In that plus one.
  4. Alright boys consider the following:
    This doesnt stop people from posting their opinions in the applications.
    If for example you see a thread of a person you KNOW would make a great/terrible Staff Member, but you're not staff/CO/XO/Jedi Master whatever, you can still leave your criticism in the thread and people will take note of it.
    If you have good arguments as to why someone should recieve a +/-1 and you present them in the thread, you might change some of the +/-1's in the thread.
    Just because you cant +/-1 yourself doesnt mean you cant let your voice be heard.
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  5. This is how it's supposed to be anyways
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  7. I care because I was once apart of this community and I still care about it. I also dislike the whole idea of just not letting the average people, the people not in power not have a say what so ever.
  8. I'm ok with the idea but couldn't we have people who aren't co or xo that have a certain time in the server?
  9. You could do it by hours on the server instead of CO or XO and you could also only have it to wear people who are active on the forms or that are just members which will help since most of the people already know what to say. And also how does this work for us EX COs how does it work with us.
  10. To keep it with people who stayed in the community and are actively respected by the players it will stay active co's and xo's or you still can since you are an EM
  11. The people in power don't always know how everyone is. The old system proved it

    I say keep it how it is and you just look at the reasons that are valid

    Ems and staff are expected to provide criticism and help to the apps, giving the man more in depth
  12. Keyword is "Once apart" Like no offence but this really ain't yo problem anymore. You left the server and now play on a different one. So in my opinion, you should be more concerned with the current server you play on than a server you were "Once apart" of.
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  13. You know that moment when you gotta decide between putting in a well thought out argument to reconciliate two opposing parties and just not saying anything to see an autistic shitflinging of amazing proportions?
    Well if you didnt know that moment before, you do now.
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  14. Yes
  15. I'm sorry for the fact that I care about this server and even if you don't see me on the server I'm still active on the forums. And I love you Shay but I can't agree with this sentiment. Even if I play on a different server it doesn't change the fact that I want the best for this community. I know nobody will listen to me seeing who is liking your posts but whatever.
  16. I'm just gonna post a comment on this so people who Aren't CO's,XO's or Staff can stop going "Even though my opinion does not matter" or "I'm not sure If I can +1 this", but+1. Like The rules have been set, stop thinking u are better then it and ignoring the fact that it's in place, If you didn't know well now U know not to do it, Unless u are an CO,XO or staff, also As a reminder Naval members can't +1 or -1 Unless u are a CO or XO, Just because u are allowed into CO's and XO's meetings does not mean you can +1, U should get the point now.
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  17. We have our opinions- Overall on a server I owned- We did it that the +1's didn't even matter nor did the -1's, It all went down to the interview and questions, Overall it's Resh's or Mustang's decision to accept them- I'm still going to be posting my opinion on people's threads, We aren't thinking were better, and were not ignoring it, we have our own set opinions and we can exclaim them if we want. I'm still going to be doing it just not -1 or 1+, I'll put my opinion with supporting facts but it really comes down to staff executives.
  18. +1

    ok ill go home now
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