Introducing a Second Life

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Pluto the MLG Doge, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. i just assumed because of the new pixel limit thing that resh was allowing it

    the limit's also a lot smaller than what forums use but hey at least we're not scrolling for half our lives
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  2. you told me to do it ages ago silly
  3. to change it or what
    because if he told you before and you didnt listen i have questions
  4. I think he means i told him to
    make it that but im 99% sure that was right before i deleted his and cj and told them to not do it
  5. Alright, because there's been confusion on whether or not Pilots can be played as a second life:

    Considering it's sort of under the jurisdiction of Kerk, it was pretty much Kerk's decision, and he decided (at least for now, until he has a naval meeting), that Pilots can be played as second-life characters just like other Naval officers.

    So yes, you can play the Pilot as a second character. Plus, I mean it just makes sense, considering pilots don't have anything to do when they don't get ships.
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  6. It's been decided within fleet. Pilots are 2nd Life and the creation the Joker squad ( pilots second squadron) has been formed
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