Jedi Meeting 3/16/19

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  1. The next Space Monk meeting will be on:
    Saturday, March 16th at

    10pm EST,
    9PM CST,
    7PM PST
    8pm GT, (even tho we all know this timezone doesn't actually exist)
    All Jedi are welcome to attend.

    If you want an issue added to the agenda please post in the thread or in the comments below and I will add it.
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    For this meeting, I'd like to hear the response to the previous topic I've brought up in the last meeting regarding crystals/hilts/saber parts.

    Another topic is knowing more about the sudden use of Dark Inner's and why is this being allowed now?
  11. Especially with lower ranking Jedi
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  16. People RP for these things, Knight Ki Adi Mundi for example basically shoved his inner will to kill living things into his crystal and thus the dark inner was born. there is only 2 people who use these, and it is stated in the rules that you CAN rp for them, hence the fact that crystals are no longer obtainable and are considered gifts from masters to be used, nothing is going "up" and those who use them have followed server guidelines.
  17. I don’t think that is very Jedi like
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  18. The Crystal RP is only meant for Unstable/Corrupts. Dark inner falls underneath Sith like crystals (along with red) that aren't allowed to use which are one the rules. Unless rules were changed by a vote within a meeting. Save this topic for the meeting, thanks.
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  19. I'll be there big bois ;)
  20. what the fuck is this how lightsabers work

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